Genesis 49


Jacob Blesses the Remaining Sons

1[3called 1And 2Jacob] his sons, and said, Come together that I may announce to you what will meet to you upon the last of the days! 2Gather and hear, O sons of Jacob, hear Israel your father! 3Reuben my first-born, you are my strength and the beginning of my children, stubborn to bear, and stubborn self-willed. 4Overflowing as water, you should not erupt. For you ascended upon the marriage-bed of your father. Then you defiled the strewn bed of which you ascended. 5Simeon and Levi -- brothers. They completed injustice by their sects. 6[5into 6their counsel 1May 3not 4come 2my soul], and [5with 6their joint-conspiracy 1may 3not 4be established 2my insides]. For in their rage they killed men, and in their passion they hamstrung a bull. 7Accursed is their rage, for it was self-willed. And accursed is their vehement anger, for it was hardened. I will divide them in Jacob, and disseminate them in Israel. 8Judah, may [3have praised you 2your brothers]. Your hands are upon the back of your enemies. [4will do obeisance to 5you 1The 2sons 3of your father]; 9[3cub 2a lion 1Judah is]. From a bud, O son of mine, you ascended. Reclining, you went to bed as a lion; and as a cub who will rouse him? 10[2shall not fail 1A ruler] from Judah, and one leading from his thighs, until whenever should come the things reserved to him. And he is expectation of nations. 11Binding [2to 3a grapevine 1his foal], and with the fetter the foal of his donkey. He shall wash [2in 3wine 1his apparel], and in the blood of the grape his wrap-around garment. 12[2causing joy 1His eyes] away from wine, and the white of his teeth than milk. 13Zebulun [2on the coast 1shall dwell], even himself by the mooring of boats; and he shall extend until Sidon. 14Issachar [2the 3good 1desired], taking rest between the lots. 15And seeing the rest, that it was good, and the earth, that it was plentiful, he placed his shoulder to the toil, and became a man for farming. 16Dan will judge his people, as even one tribe in Israel. 17And let Dan become a serpent upon the way, lying in wait upon the road, biting the heel of the horse. And [3shall fall 1the 2horseman] upon the rear places, 18[2for the 3deliverance 1remaining about] of the  lord. 19Gad, a marauder will maraud against him. But he will maraud against him by feet. 20Asher, plentiful is his bread, and he will give a delicacy to rulers. 21Naphtali, a trunk springing up giving [2in 3the 4offspring 1beauty]. 22[2a son 3increasing 1Joseph is]; [2son 3increasing 1zealous]; [3son 1my 2younger]; to me you returned! 23against whom with deliberation reviled. And [3pressed against 4him 1the masters 2of the bowmen], 24and [2were broken 3with 4might 1their bows], and [5were loosened 1the 2nerves 4arms 3of their hand's] through the hand of the mighty one of Jacob; from there the one strengthening Israel by means of God of your father. 25And [2gave help 3to you 1my God], and blessed you with the blessing of heaven above, and the blessing of earth having all things; because of the blessing of breasts and of the womb; 26a blessing of your father and of your mother -- he excelled in strength over the blessing [2mountains 1of the stable], and beyond the blessings [2hills 1of everlasting]; they will be upon the head of Joseph, and upon the top [2whom 3he took the lead 1of the brothers]. 27Benjamin, [2wolf 1a predacious 4in the 5early morning 3shall eat], yet even in the evening he distributes provisions. 28All these sons of Jacob -- twelve. And these words [2said 3to them 1their father]. And he blessed them each. According to his blessing he blessed them. 29And he said to them, I am added to my people. Entomb me with my fathers in the cave which is in the field of Ephron the Hittite! 30in the [2cave 1double], in the one before Mamre, in the land of Canaan, which Abraham acquired; the cave of Ephron the Hittite, for possession of a memorial. 31There they entombed Abraham and Sarah his wife. And there they entombed Isaac and Rebekah his wife. And there they entombed Leah, 32in a property of the field, and of the cave being in it, the one from the sons of Heth. 33And Jacob rested giving orders to his sons. And lifting up his feet upon the bed he failed. And he was added to his people.
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