Genesis 6


Noah Finds Favor

1And it came to pass when [3began 2men 1many] to become upon the earth, and daughters were born to them. 2[5were beholding 1And 2the 3sons 4of God] the daughters of men, that they are good, that they took to themselves women from all of whom they chose. 3And [3said 1the  lord 2God], No way should [2stay 1my spirit] with these men, on account of their being flesh; [3will be 1and 2their days] a hundred twenty years. 4And the giants were upon the earth in those days. And after that, [4continually 5entered 1the 2sons 3of God] to the daughters of men, and procreated for themselves. Those were the giants, the ones from the eon, the [2men 1renowned]. 5[4beholding 1And 2the  lord 3God] that [4were multiplying 1the 2evils 3of men] upon the earth, and all that man considered in his heart was diligently upon the wicked things all the days, 6and God pondered that he made the man upon the earth, and he considered it. 7And [2said 1God], I will wipe away the man, whom I made, from the face of the earth; from man unto beast, and from the reptiles unto the winged creatures of the heaven; for I repented that I made them. 8But Noah found favor before the  lord God. 9And these are the origins of Noah. Noah [2man 1was a just] being perfect in his generation; [3to God 2was well-pleasing 1Noah]. 10[3procreated 1And 2Noah] three sons, Shem, Ham, Japheth. 11[4was corrupt 1But 2the 3earth] before God, and [3was filled 1the 2earth] with iniquity. 12And [3beheld 1the  lord 2God] the earth, and it was being corrupted, for [3corrupted 1all 2flesh] his way upon the earth. 13And [3said 1the  lord 2God] to Noah, Time for every man comes before me; for [3is filled 1the 2earth] with iniquity by means of them. And behold, I lay them waste, and the earth. 14Make then for yourself an ark from [2wood 1four-cornered]! Nested compartments you shall make among the ark, and you shall apply asphalt to it -- from inside and from outside with the asphalt. 15And so you shall make the ark -- three hundred cubits the length of the ark, and fifty cubits the width, and thirty cubits the height of it. 16By an assembling, you shall make the ark; and by a cubit you shall complete it from above; but the door of the ark you shall make from out of the side. [3with ground 4second stories 5and 6third stories 1You shall make 2it]. 17And I, behold, I bring the flood of water upon the earth to lay waste all flesh in which is a breath of life underneath the heaven. And as much as might be upon the earth shall come to an end. 18And I will establish my covenant with you. And you shall enter into the ark, you and your sons, and your wife, and the wives of your sons with you. 19And from all the cattle, and from all the reptiles, and from all the wild beasts, and from all flesh, two by two from all you shall bring into the ark, that you may maintain them with yourself -- male and female they shall be. 20From all the fowl according to type, and from all the cattle according to type, and from all the reptiles crawling upon the earth according to their type; two by two from all shall enter to you, to be maintained with you, male and female. 21But you shall take to yourself from all of the foods which you shall eat, and you shall bring them together to yourself, and it shall be to you and to them to eat. 22And Noah did all as much as [3gave charge 4to him 1the  lord 2God] -- so he did.
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