Habakkuk 1


Habakkuk Complains of Injustice

1The concern which [4saw 1Habakkuk 2the 3prophet]. 2For how long, O  lord, shall I cry out, and in no way should you listen? For how long shall I yell to you being wronged, and you should not deliver? 3Why did you show to me toils and troubles, to look upon misery and impiety? Right opposite me takes place judgment, and the judge takes away. 4On account of this [2is effaced 1the law], and [2is not 3administered 4unto 5the end 1judgment], for the impious tyrannize over the just. Because of this [2shall go forth 1judgment] being perverted.

The LORD Replies

5Behold, O despisers, and look! and wonder wonders, and vanish! For [3a work 1I 2work] in your days which in no way you shall believe if any should tell of it in detail. 6For behold, I awaken the Chaldeans, the [4nation 1bitter 2and 3quick]; the one going upon the widths of the earth, to inherit tents not of his. 7[2fearful 3and 4apparent 1He is]; [3of 4himself 1his judgment 2will be], and his concern of himself shall come forth. 8And [2shall leap 3more than 4leopards 1his horses], and are sharper than the wolves of Arabia. And [2shall ride forth 1his horsemen], and shall advance far off; and they shall spread out as an eagle eager for something to eat. 9Consumption [2unto 3the impious 1shall come] opposing their fronts right opposite, and he shall gather [2as 3the sand 1the captivity]. 10And he [2among 3kings 1shall revel], and sovereigns are his playthings. And he [2at 3every 4fortress 1shall mock], and shall throw up an embankment, and shall prevail over it. 11Then he shall turn the spirit, and shall go through, and shall make atonement, saying, This strength is to my god. 12Are you not from the beginning, O  lord my God, my holy one? In no way should we die. O  lord, for judgment -- you have ordered it. And he shaped me to reprove for his discipline. 13Pure is the eye to not see evil things, and [2to look 3upon 4evils 1you are not able]. Why should you look upon ones disdaining? Shall you remain silent in the [2swallowing down 1impious] the just? 14And will you make the men as the fishes of the sea, and as the reptiles not having one taking the lead? 15[2consumption 3with 4a hook 1He pulled up], and drew it with his casting-net, and gathered it in his dragnets. Because of this he shall be glad and shall rejoice. 16Because of this he will sacrifice to his dragnet, and burn incense to his casting-net; for by them he fattened his portion, even [3foods 1his 2choice]. 17On account of this he will cast his casting-net, and always to kill nations -- not sparing?
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