Habakkuk 2


The Just Shall Live by My Belief

1Upon my watch I will stand, and I will mount upon a rock. And I will watch over to behold what he should speak in me, and what I will answer upon my being reproved. 2And [2answered 3to 4me 1the  lord] and said, Write the vision clearly onto a writing-tablet, so that [4should take flight 1the one 2reading 3these things]. 3For the vision is yet for a time, and it shall rise in the end, and not in vain. If he should lack, wait for him! for in coming he shall come and in no way should he delay. 4If he keeps back, [2favors not 1my soul] in him; but the just one [2by 3my belief 1shall live].

Woe to the Wicked

5But the one being arrogant and despising, [2man 1the ostentatious], not one thing in any way should he have achieved, who widened [2as 3Hades 1his soul], and so as death not being filled up, even he shall assemble unto himself all the nations, and will take in to himself all the peoples. 6[2not 4these 3all 6a parable 7against 8him 1Shall 5take up], and a riddle for his narrative? And they shall say, Woe, the one multiplying to himself the things not being his -- how long? even the one oppressing his collar densely. 7For suddenly [3shall raise up 1ones biting 2him], and [3shall sober up 1the 2plotters against you], and you will be for ravaging to them. 8Because you despoiled [2nations 1many], [5shall despoil 6you 1all 2the 4being left 3peoples], because of the blood of men, and the impious deeds of the land and city, and all of the ones dwelling in it. 9O, the one overabounding in a desire for [2wealth 1evil] to his house, to arrange [2in 3the height 1his nest], to pull out from the hand of evils. 10You deliberated shame to your house; you finished off many peoples, and [2was led into sin 1your soul]. 11For the stone [2from 3the wall 1shall yell out]; and the beetle from out of the wood shall utter its sounds. 12Woe, the one building a city in blood, and prepares a city by iniquities. 13[2these not 1Are] from the  lord almighty that [3failed 2peoples 1fit] by fire, and [2nations 1many], and they became faint-hearted? 14For [3shall be filled 1the 2earth] to know the glory of the  lord, as water covers up seas. 15O, the one giving a drink to his neighbor [4diet of lees 1a clouded 2and 3intoxicating], so that he should look upon their private parts. 16[2to the fullness 3of the dishonor 4of 5your glory 1Drink], and be excited! [4encircled 5you 1The cup 2of the right hand 3of the  lord], and [2was brought 1dishonor] upon your glory. 17For the impiety of Lebanon shall cover you, and the misery from wild beasts shall terrify you, because of the blood of men, and the impious deeds of the land, and of the city, and of all the ones dwelling it. 18What benefit is the carved image that they carved it? He shaped it for a molten casting, [2visible display 1a false]. For [3has relied 1the one 2shaping] upon the thing shaped by him in the making of [2idols 1mute]. 19Woe, the one saying to the wood, Sober up, arise! And to the stone, Be exalted! But it is only a visible display, and it is a hammered piece of gold and silver, and [2at all 1no breath] is in it. 20But the  lord is in [2temple 1his holy]; let [4venerate 5from 6before 7him 1all 2the 3earth]!
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