Habakkuk 3


Habakkuk's Prayer

1The prayer of Habakkuk the prophet with an ode. 2O  lord, I listened to your report, and I feared. O  lord, I contemplated your works, and was startled. In the midst of the two living creatures you shall be known; in the approaching of the years you shall be recognized; in the [2at hand 1time] you shall be made manifest when [2is disturbed 1my soul]; in wrath [2mercy 1you shall remember]. 3 God [2from out of 3Teman 1shall come], even the holy one from out of the mount of the shady Paran. PAUSE. [2covered 3the 4heavens 1His virtue], and his praise filled the earth. 4And his brightness [2as 3light 1will be], and horns in his hands. And he established [2affection 1a strong] by his strength. 5Before his face shall go a word, and it shall go forth for a flat ground. 6At his feet [3stood 4and 5shook 1the 2earth]; he looked and [2melted 1nations]; [3were broke through 1the 2mountains] by force; [4melted away 3hills 1the 2eternal] -- [2ways 1his eternal]. 7[5in 6troubles 1I beheld 2the 3tents 4of Ethiopians], [7shall be disturbed 1and 2the 3tents 4of the 5land 6of Midian]. 8Were [2at 3the rivers 1you provoked to anger], O  lord, or [2at 3the rivers 1was your rage], or [2at 3the sea 1was your impulse]? The one riding upon your horses, and your riding is deliverance. 9Stretching out, you shall stretch out your bow against the chiefdoms, says the  lord. PAUSE. [2of rivers 3shall be torn 1The land]. 10They saw you, and [2shall travail 1peoples]. You shall disperse waters of the coursing. [3gave out 1The 2abyss] her voice -- the height of his visible display. 11[3was exalted 1The 2sun], and the moon stood in her order. At the light of your arrows they shall go forth, and [2in 3brightness 4of lightning 1your weapons]. 12By intimidation you shall make [3few 1the 2land], and in rage you shall break nations. 13You came forth for deliverance of your people, to deliver your anointed one. You threw [2onto 3the heads 4of lawless ones 1death]; [4you rose 5bonds 6unto 7the 8neck 1For 2the 3completion]. 14You cut [3for 4astonishment 1heads 2of mighty ones]; they shall shake in it; they shall open wide their bridles as the [2eating 1poor] in private. You divided into parts in stupefaction the heads of the mighty. They shall shake in it. They shall open their reins as [2chewing 1the poor] in concealment. 15And you conducted [2into 3the sea 1your horses], disturbing [2waters 1great]. 16I watched, and [2was terrified 1my belly] from the sound of the prayer of my lips; and [2entered 1trembling] into my bones, and my part beneath. [2was disturbed 1My manner]. I will rest in a day of my affliction for me to ascend to the people of my sojourn.

An Ode of Belief

17For though the fig-tree shall not bear fruit, and there shall not be produce on the grapevines; [5shall lie 1and the 2work 3of the 4olive], and the plains shall not produce food, [2cease 3from 4having food 1and sheep], and [2shall not exist 1the oxen] at the stables; 18yet I [2in 3the 4  lord 1shall exult]; I will rejoice over God my deliverer. 19The  lord God is my power, and he will arrange my feet unto completion; and upon the high places he shall set me, for me to overcome by his ode.
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