Hebrews 11


Examples of Belief

1[3is 1And 2belief 5of hoping 4the reality] of things, the proof not being seen. 2[2in 3this 1For 6were borne witness to 4the 5elders]. 3By belief we comprehend [3to be fashioned 1the 2eons] by the word of God, so that not of things appearing [2the things 3seen 1take place]. 4By belief [3a greater 4sacrifice 1Abel 5than 6Cain 2offered] to God, by which he bore witness to be just, [2testifying 3over 4his gifts 1by God]; and through it having died still speaks. 5By belief Enoch was transposed to not know death, and was not found, because [2transposed 3him 1God]; for before his transposition he bore witness to have been well-pleasing to God. 6But apart from belief it is impossible to well-please; [6to believe 1for 2it is necessary 3for the one 4coming forward 5to God] that he is; and to the ones seeking after him [2a paymaster 1he becomes]. 7By belief Noah having received a divine message concerning the things not as yet being seen, showing reverence, carefully prepared the ark for deliverance of his house; by which he condemned the world; and of the thing according to belief [3of righteousness 1he became 2heir]. 8By belief Abraham being called, obeyed to go forth unto the place which he was about to receive for an inheritance; and he went forth not having knowledge of where he went. 9By belief he sojourned in the land of the promise, as an alien, in tents dwelling with Isaac and Jacob, the joint-heirs of the same promise; 10for he looked out for the [3foundations 2having 1city], of which the craftsman and engineer is God. 11By belief also Sarah herself [2power 3for 4founding 5seed 1received], and past the time of vigor gave birth, since believing she esteemed the one promising. 12Therefore also from one they were born (and these were as deadened) as the stars of the heaven in multitude, and as the sand by the edge of the sea is innumerable. 13According to belief [3died 1these 2all], not receiving the promises, but at a distance beholding them, and being persuaded, and greeting, and acknowledging that [2strangers 3and 4immigrants 1they are] upon the earth. 14For the ones [2such things 1saying] reveal that [2the fatherland 1they anxiously seek]. 15And if indeed, those remembering from where they came forth, they had even time to return. 16But now a better thing they reach for, that is to say, a heavenly. Therefore [2is not 3ashamed of 4them 1God], [3God 1to be called 2their]; for he prepared for them a city. 17By belief Abraham offered Isaac, being tested, and [5the 6only child 4offered up 2the 3promises 1the one receiving], 18towards whom it was said that, In Isaac [2shall be called 3to you 1a seed]; 19considering that [4even 5from 6the dead 3to raise 2was able 1God]; from where [2him 3even 4in 5parable 1he received]. 20By belief concerning things about to be Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau. 21By belief Jacob dying [2each 3of the 4sons 5of Joseph 1blessed], and did obeisance upon the tip of his cane. 22By belief Joseph, coming to an end, [2concerning 3the 4exodus 5of the 6sons 7of Israel 1made mention]; and [2concerning 3his bones 1gave charge]. 23By belief Moses, having been born, was hid three months by his fathers, because they saw [3as fair 1the 2child]; and they did not fear the edict of the king. 24By belief Moses, [2great 1having become], denied to be called son of Pharaoh's daughter, 25[2rather 1seeming it as being good] to suffer affliction with the people of God, than [2temporary 1to have 4in sins 3enjoyment]; 26[6greater 7riches 1esteeming 8than the 10in 11Egypt 9treasures 2the 3scorning 4of the 5anointed]; for he looked away to the payment. 27By belief he left Egypt, not fearing the rage of the king; for [3the unseen 1as 2seeing] he persevered. 28By belief he observed the passover and the pouring of the blood, lest the one annihilating the first-born should touch them. 29By belief they passed over the red sea, as through dry land; of which [4the attempt 3taking 1the 2Egyptians] were swallowed down. 30By belief the walls of Jericho fell, having been encircled for seven days. 31By belief Rahab the harlot was not destroyed together with the ones having disobeyed, receiving the spies with peace. 32And what yet say I? For it shall be deficient of me not describing the time concerning Gideon, Barak and also Samson, and Jephthah, also David and Samuel, and the prophets; 33the ones who through belief conquered kingdoms, worked righteousness, succeeded in the promises, shut up mouths of lions, 34extinguished the power of fire, fled the mouths of swords, were empowered from out of weakness, became strong in war; [2the camps 1they leaned] of aliens; 35[2received 1women] a resurrection of their dead; and others were pounded, not accepting the release by ransom, that a better resurrection they should attain. 36And others [3of mocking 4and 5of whips 2a trial 1received], and still of bonds and prison. 37They were stoned, were sawn, were tested, [2by 3murder 4of the sword 1they died]; they went around in sheepskins, in goat's skins; lacking, being afflicted, being mistreated; 38(of whom [3was not 4worthy 1the 2world]) [2in 3desolate places 1wandering], and in mountains, and in caves, and the openings of the earth. 39And these all testifying on account of the belief while not receiving the promise, 40 [3of God 4for 5us 2something better 1having foreseen], that [2not 4separate from 5us 1they should 3be perfected].
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