Hebrews 12


Christ the Perfection of Belief

1Accordingly also, we [2so great 1having 5encompassing 6us 3a cloud 4of witnesses], [3swelling 1having put aside 2every] and accessible sin, through endurance let us run the [2being situated before 3us 1struggle], 2looking to [2the 6of the 7belief 3head 4and 5perfection 1Jesus], who, instead of the [2being situated before 3him 1joy], endured the cross, [2the shame 1disdaining], [2at 3the right 1and] of the throne of God has sat. 3For consider the cost by the one [2such 1enduring 6by 7the 8sinners 4against 5him 3dispute], that you should not weary [2in 3your souls 1fainting]. 4Not yet unto blood have you stood firm [2against 3sin 1struggling], 5and you have been totally forgotten of the exhortation, which [2to you 3as 4to sons 1he reasons], saying, O my son, do not have little regard for the instruction of the Lord, nor be enfeebled [2by 3him 1being reproved]! 6For whom the Lord loves he corrects, and he whips every son whom he welcomes. 7If [2discipline 1you endure], [4as 5sons 3to you 2brings discipline 1God]; for who is the son whom [2does not 3correct 1a father]? 8And if you are without the help of instruction, of which [3partakers 2have become 1all], then you are illegitimate and not sons. 9So then indeed, of the [3flesh 2of our 1fathers] we have correctors, and we show respect; [2not 4much 5more 1shall we 3be] submitted to the father of the spirits, and we shall live? 10[2they 3indeed 1For] for a few days, as it seemed good to them, corrected; but he does so for the advantage, for us to share in his sanctity. 11But any discipline by indeed the hand does not seem to be joy, but distress; but afterwards [3fruit 2peaceable 5to the ones 7by 8it 6having been exercised 1it renders 4of righteousness].

Christian Instruction

12Therefore the weakened hands and the disabled knees re-erect! 13And [3tracks 2straight 1make] to your feet! that [4not 1the 2lame 3should] be turned aside, [3should be healed 1but 2rather]! 14[2peace 1Pursue] with all, and the sanctification! apart from which no one shall see the Lord; 15overseeing, lest any lack of the favor of God; lest any root of bitterness [2upward 1germinating] should be trouble, and through this [2should be defiled 1many]; 16lest there be any fornicator or profane person as Esau, who for [2of food 1one portion] delivered over his rights of the first-born. 17For you understand that also afterwards wanting to inherit the blessing, he was rejected; [5for repentance 1for 3place 2no 4was found], though with tears he sought it. 18[3not 1For 2you have] come forward to [2being handled 1the mountain] and being kindled with fire, and to dimness, and to darkness, and to storm, 19and to the trumpet's sound, and to the voice of utterances, of which the ones hearing asked pardon [2to not 3proceed 4to them 1for the word]; 20[2they could not 3bear 1for] the giving of orders, saying, And if a beast should touch lightly upon the mountain, it shall be stoned, or [2an arrow 1shot with]. 21And so fearful was the visible display, Moses said, I am frightened and trembling. 22But you have come forward to mount Zion, and the city of the living God, heavenly Jerusalem; and to myriads of angels, 23to the festival and to the assembly of the first-born [2in 3the heavens 1having been registered], and to God the judge of all, and to spirits of the righteous having been perfected, 24and [4covenant 3of a new 2the mediator 1Jesus], and to the blood of sprinkling, [2better 1speaking] than the one of Abel. 25Take heed that you should not refuse the one speaking! For if those did not flee escaping, [2the one 4upon 5earth 1refusing 3receiving a divine message], how much more we the ones [2the one 3from 4heavens 1turning away], 26of whose voice the earth shook then; but now he has promised, saying, Still once more I will shake not only the earth, but also the heaven. 27And the saying, Still once more, manifests [3of the things 4being shaken 1the 2transposition], as things being made, that [4should abide 1the things 2not 3being shaken]. 28Therefore [2a kingdom 3unshaken 1receiving], we should have favor by which we should serve [2pleasantly 1God] with respect and veneration. 29For even our God [2fire 1is a consuming].
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