Hebrews 13


Concluding Exhortations

1 [2brotherly affection 1Let] abide! 2 Let not hospitality be forgotten! [2by 3this 1for] some were unaware having lodged angels. 3Remember the prisoners! as being tied with them, the ones being mistreated, as also yourselves being in the body. 4[3is esteemed 1The wedding] in every way, and the marriage-bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. 5Let not loving money be the manner, but being sufficient with the things at hand. For he has said, In no way will I forsake you, nor in no way will I abandon you. 6So that taking courage we say, The Lord is to me a helper, and I will not be afraid. What shall [2do 3to me 1man]? 7Remember the ones leading you! ones who spoke to you the word of God; whom contemplating the result of the behavior, you imitate the belief! 8Jesus Christ yesterday and today the same, and into the eons. 9[6teachings 3by various 4and 5strange 1Be not 2carried about]! For it is a good thing [4with favor 1to be firmed up 2in the 3heart], not by foods, in which [3derive no benefit 1the ones 2walking]. 10We have an altar, of which [8to eat 5do not 6have 7authority 1the ones 3the 4tent 2serving]. 11For those [2whose 4is carried in 1creatures 3blood] for a sin offering into the holies by the chief priest, of these the bodies are incinerated outside the camp. 12Therefore also Jesus, that he should sanctify [3by 4his own 5blood 1the 2people 7outside 8the 9gate 6suffered]. 13Therefore let us go forth to him outside the camp, [3scorn 2his 1bearing]. 14[3not 1For 2we do] have here an abiding city, but [2the one 3about to be 1we anxiously seek]. 15By him then we should offer a sacrifice of praise at all times to God, that is to say, fruit of the lips of acknowledging to his name. 16But of the well-doing and fellowship do not forget! for with such sacrifices God is well-pleased. 17Comply with the ones leading you, and give precedence! for they are sleepless over your souls, for [2a reckoning 1recompensing], that with joy they should do this, and not moaning; [3would be unserviceable 1for 4to you 2this]. 18Pray for us! for we are persuaded that [2a good 3conscience 1we have] in all things [3well 1wanting 2to behave]. 19And more exceedingly I encourage you to do this, that more quickly I should be restored to you. 20And the God of peace, the one leading [5from 6the dead 1the 2shepherd 3of the 4sheep], the great one in the blood [2covenant 1of the eternal], the one of our Lord Jesus Christ, 21ready you in every [2work 1good], for the doing the will of his; doing in you the thing well-pleasing before him, through Jesus Christ, to whom is the glory in the eons of the eons. Amen. 22But I exhort you, brethren, endure the word of the exhortation! for also in short I wrote to you. 23Know the brother Timothy having been released, with whom if [2more quickly 1he should come], I shall see you. 24Greet all your leaders, and all the holy ones! [4greet 5you 1The ones 2from 3Italy]. 25 Favor be with you all. Amen.
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