Hebrews 2


Jesus' Humbled State

1On account of this it is necessary more exceedingly for us to heed to the things heard, lest at any time we flow away. 2For if the [3through 4angels 2being spoken 1word] became firm, and every violation and disobedience received just payment, 3how shall we flee [2such a 1neglecting] deliverance? which in the beginning receiving, being spoken by the Lord, [4by 5the ones 6hearing him 2in 3us 1was firmed up]; 4[2bearing witness with 1God] both signs and miracles, and various works of power, and [3spirit 2of holy 1distributions], according to his volition. 5For not to angels he submitted the inhabitable world, the one about to be, concerning of which we speak. 6But [2testified 3somewhere 1one] saying, What is man that you remember him, or a son of man that you visit him? 7You lessened him some a little than the angels; with glory and honor you crowned him, and established him over the works of your hands. 8All things you submitted underneath his feet. For in the submitting to him all things, [2nothing 1he left] unsubmissive to him. But now not yet do we see [3to him 1all things 2being submitted]. 9 But [4a little 5than 6the angels 3being lessened 1we see 2Jesus], on account of the suffering of death, [2with glory 3and 4honor 1being crowned]; that by favor of God [3for 4all 1he should taste 2death]. 10For it was becoming to him, (through whom is the whole, and of whom is the whole), [2many 3sons 4in 5glory 1for leading], [2the 3head 4of their deliverance 5through 6sufferings 1to perfect]. 11For both he who sanctifies and the ones being sanctified [2of 3one 1are all], for which reason he is not ashamed [2brethren 1to call them], 12saying, I will report your name to my brethren; in the midst of the assembly I will sing praise to you. 13And again, I will be yielding upon him. And again, Behold, I and the children which [2gave to me 1God]. 14Since then the children have participated of flesh and blood, also he closely partook of the same, that through death he should cease the work, the one [2the 3might 1having] of death, that is to say -- the devil; 15and should dismiss those, as many as by fear of death on account of all of the living, were liable of servitude. 16For not in any way [2angels 1does he take hold of], but the seed of Abraham he takes hold of. 17Whereupon, he owed in all things [2to the 3brethren 1to be likened], that [2a merciful 1he should become] and trustworthy chief priest in the things towards God, so as to atone the sins of the people. 18For in that he suffered himself, having been tested, he is able [2the ones 3being tested 1to help].
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