Hebrews 3


Partakers of Christ

1Whereupon, [2brethren 1holy], [3calling 2of the heavenly 1partakers], contemplate the apostle and chief priest of our acknowledgment offering -- Christ Jesus! 2being trustworthy to the one appointing him, as also Moses in all his house. 3[4more 1For 5glory 2this one 6than 7Moses 3has been counted worthy of], on account of as much as [5more 6honor 4has 7than the 8house 1the one 2carefully preparing 3the house]. 4For every house is carefully prepared by someone, but the one [2the whole 1carefully preparing] is God. 5And Moses indeed was trustworthy in all his house, as an attendant, for a testimony of the things going to be spoken; 6but Christ as a son over his house, whose house are we, if indeed the confidence and the boasting of the hope [3until 4the end 2firm 1we should hold]. 7Therefore, as [4says 1the 3spirit 2holy], Today, if [2his voice 1you should hearken to], 8you should not harden your hearts as in the embittering, in the day of the test in the wilderness, 9of which place [2tested 3me 1your fathers], tried me, and beheld my works forty years. 10Therefore I loathed that generation, and said, Continually they err in the heart, and they knew not my ways; 11as I swore by an oath in my wrath, Shall they enter into my rest, no. 12Take heed, brethren, lest at any time there shall be in some of you [3in heart 1a wicked 2unbelief] in the separating from the living God. 13But encourage yourselves according to each day, as long as of which [2today 1it is called], that you should not be hardened, any of you, any by the deception of sin. 14[3partakers 1For 2we have become] of the Christ, if indeed the beginning of the support [3until 4the end 2firm 1we should hold], 15as in the saying, Today if [2his voice 1you should hearken to], you should not harden your hearts as in the embittering. 16For some having heard rebelled; but not all the ones coming forth out of Egypt with Moses. 17And to whom did he loathe forty years? Was it not to the ones having sinned, whose carcasses fell in the wilderness? 18And to whom did he swear by an oath to not to enter into his rest, unless to the ones resisting persuasion? 19And we see that they were not able to enter because of unbelief.
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