Hebrews 4


God's Rest

1We should fear then, lest at any time, being left behind of the promise to enter into his rest, [4should seem 1any 2of 3you] to fail. 2For even we are being announced good news, just as those also; but [5did not 6benefit 1the 2word 3of the 4report] those, not being mixed together in the belief to the ones having heard. 3For we entering into the rest, the ones having believed, as he has said, As I swore by an oath in my wrath, Shall they enter into my rest, no; and yet the works from the founding of the world were taking place. 4For he has said somewhere concerning the seventh day, thus, And God rested in the [2day 1seventh] from all his works. 5And in this place again, Shall they enter into my rest, no. 6Since then it leaves some to enter into it, and the ones prior having been announced, did not enter because of disobedience; 7again a certain [2he confirms 1day], Today, [2in 3David 1saying], after so great a time, as it has been said, Today, if [2to 3his voice 1you should hearken], you should not harden your hearts. 8For if [3them 1Joshua 2gave] rest, then he would not [2concerning 3another 1speak 5after 6these things 4day]. 9Then there is left a Sabbath rest to the people of God. 10For the one entering into his rest, himself also rested from his works, as [2from 3his own 1God]. 11We should hurry then to enter into that rest, lest [3in 4the 5same 1anyone 6example 2should fall] of disobedience.

The Word of God Is Alive

12[5is living 1For 2the 3word 4of God], and active, and sharper than any [2sword 1double-edged], and penetrating as far as the distribution of both soul and spirit, also of joints and marrows, and is a discerner of the thinking and reflections of the heart. 13And there is not a creation unapparent before him; but all are naked and laid bare to his eyes, to whom [3is to us 1the 2reckoning].

Jesus the Chief Priest

14Having then [2chief priest 1a great] having gone through the heavens (Jesus the son of God,) let us keep the confession. 15For not do we have a chief priest not being able to sympathize in our weaknesses, but one having been tested in all things according to our likeness, separate from sin. 16Let us come forward then with confidence to the throne of favor, that we should receive mercy, and [2favor 1should find] for opportune help.
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