Hebrews 6


Warnings Regarding Unbelief

1Therefore, having left the [2of the 3beginning 4of the 5Christ 1matter], [2unto 3the 4perfection 1we should bear on], not [2again 3a foundation 1casting down] of repentance from dead works, and of belief upon God, 2[2of immersions 1of the teaching], and of laying on of hands, and of resurrection of the dead, and [2judgment 1eternal]. 3And this we shall do, if indeed God should permit. 4For it is impossible of the ones once enlightened, having tasted also of the [2gift 1heavenly], and [2partakers 1becoming 4spirit 3of holy], 5and [2the good 1having tasted 4of God 3word], and of powers [2about to be 1of the eon], 6and having fallen, again to renew to repentance; crucifying again to themselves the son of God, and making an example of him. 7For the earth having drunk the [4upon 5it 3often 2coming 1rain], and giving birth to [2pasturage 1fit] for those through whom also it is cultivated, shares of the blessing from God; 8but that bringing forth thorn-bushes and thistles is rejected, and [2a curse 1near to], whose end is for burning. 9But we are persuaded concerning you, beloved, of better things, and having deliverance, if even thus we speak. 10[3is not 1For 4unjust 2God] to forget your work and the toil of the love which you demonstrated in his name, having served to the holy ones, and still serving. 11But we desire each of you [2the 3same 1to demonstrate] diligence to the full assurance of the hope as far as until the end; 12that [2not 4dull 1you should 3become], but imitators of the ones through belief and long-suffering inheriting the promises.

God's Promise by an Oath

13For to Abraham God having promised, since according to no one had he greater to swear an oath by, swore an oath according to himself, 14saying, Assuredly blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply you. 15And thus, having been long-suffering, he succeeded in the promise. 16[2men 3indeed 1For 5by 6the 7greater 4swear an oath], and [6in all 7disputes to them 3is an end 4for 5security 1the 2oath]. 17In which [2more extra 3wanting 1God] to display to the heirs of the promise the immutability of his counsel, mediated by an oath; 18that through two [2things 1immutable], (in which it was impossible for God to lie,) [2strong 3consolation 1we should have], we the ones taking refuge to hold to the [2situated before us 1hope], 19which hope [2as 3an anchor 1we have] of the soul, both safe and firm, and entering into the inner veil; 20where as forerunner for us, Jesus entered according to the order of Melchisedek, [2chief priest 1becoming] into the eon.
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