Hosea 11


The LORD's Love for Israel

1Early they were disowned, [3was disowned 1the king 2of Israel]; for Israel is an infant, and I loved him, and from out of Egypt I called back his children. 2As I called them back, so they moved from in front of me; they [2to the 3Baalim 1sacrificed]; and to the carved images they burned incense. 3And I bound Ephraim; I took him upon my arm; and they knew not that I have healed them. 4In corruption of men I stretched them with the bonds of my affections. And I will be to them as [2slapping 1a man] upon his cheek; and I shall look to him; I will prevail to him. 5Ephraim dwelt in Egypt, and Assyria he was his king, for he did not want to return. 6And he weakened by the broadsword in his cities, and he rested with his hands; and they shall eat of their own deliberations. 7And his people are hanging from the thing of his house; and God [2against 3his esteemed 1shall be enraged], and in no way should he exalt him. 8How shall I deal with you, O Ephraim? Shall I shield you, O Israel? How shall I deal with you -- as Admah? Shall I appoint you even as Zeboim? [2shall be converted 1My heart] in the same thing; [2was disturbed 1my repentance]. 9No way shall I act according to the anger of my rage. No way should I abandon Ephraim to be wiped away. Because [3God 1I 2am], and not man; [2among 3you 1the holy one], and I will not enter into the city. 10[2after 3the  lord 1I shall go]; as a lion he shall bellow; for he shall roar, and [3shall be startled 1children 2of the waters]. 11They shall be startled as a bird from out of Egypt, and as a dove from out of the land of the Assyrians; and I will restore them unto their houses, says the  lord. 12[2encircled 3me 4with 5a lie 1Ephraim], and [5with 6impious deeds 1the house 2of Israel 3and 4Judah]; but now [2knew 3them 1God], and [3people 2a holy 1they shall be called] of God.
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