Hosea 12


The Case against Ephraim and Judah

1 But Ephraim is an evil spirit. He pursued the burning wind the entire day. [2empty 3and 4vain things 1He multiplied]. And [2a covenant 3with 4the Assyrians 1he ordained], and [2olive oil 3in 4Egypt 1traded]. 2And there is a case with the  lord against Judah, to punish Jacob; according to his ways and according to his practices he will recompense to him. 3In the belly he caught the heel of his brother; and in his toils he grew in strength with God. 4And he grew in strength with the angel, and he prevailed; they wept and beseeched me; in the house of On they found me. There it was spoken to them. 5But the  lord God almighty will be his memorial. 6And you [2to 3your God 1shall return]; [2mercy 3and 4judgment 1guard], and approach to your God always! 7Canaan, in his hand is a yoke of iniquity; [2to tyrannize 1he loved]. 8And Ephraim said, But I am rich, I have found respite for myself. All produce of his toils shall not be found in him, because of iniquities in which he sinned. 9But I, the  lord your God, led you out of the land of Egypt; still I will settle you in tents as in the days of the holiday feast. 10And I will speak by prophets, and I [2visions 1multiplied], and by the hands of prophets I was likened. 11If [3not 1Gilgal 2is], then even [6false 5were 3in 4Gilgal 1rulers 2sacrificing], and their altars are as tortoise like heaps upon an uncultivated field. 12And Jacob withdrew into the plain of Syria, and Israel served for a wife, and for a wife he guarded sheep. 13And by a prophet the  lord led Israel from out of the land of Egypt, and by a prophet he was guarded. 14Ephraim was enraged and provoked to anger, therefore his blood [2upon 3him 1shall be poured out], and [5scorning 4his 2shall recompense 1the  lord 3to him].
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