Hosea 13


Rejection and Renewal

1According to the word Ephraim [2ordinances 1conceived] himself in Israel, and appointed to Baal, and died. 2And now they proceeded to sin, and made for themselves molten castings of their silver, according to the image of idols, the works of fabricators being completed for them. They say, Sacrifice men, for the calves have ceased! 3On account of this, they will be as [2cloud 1an early morning], and as [2dew 1early morning] going away, as dust being blown away from the threshing floor, and as a vapor from tears. 4But I the  lord your God, I led you from out of the land of Egypt, and [2a god 3besides 4me 1you shall not know], and [2one delivering 1there is not] besides me. 5I tended you in the wilderness in [2land 1an uninhabited]. 6According to their pastures, so they were filled unto fullness, and they exalted their hearts; because of this they forgot me. 7And I will be to them as a panther, and as a leopard, according to the way of the Assyrians. 8I will meet them as a bear being perplexed, and I will tear up the enclosure of their heart; and [3shall devour 4them 5there 1the cubs 2of the forest]; and wild beasts of the field shall pull them apart. 9 In your corruption, O Israel, who will help? 10Where is this your king? and let him preserve you in all your cities! Let him judge you! whom you said, Give to me a king and a ruler! 11And I gave to you a king in my anger, and I sufficed in my rage. 12A confederacy of injustice; Ephraim -- [2being hidden 1his sin]. 13Pangs as one giving birth shall come to him; he is [3son 1your 2intelligent], because now in no way should he stand in the destruction of children. 14From the hand of Hades I shall rescue them; from death I will ransom them. Where is your punishment, O death? Where is your sting, O Hades? Consolation is hidden from my eyes. 15For this, [2between 3brethren 1he will separate]; [2will bring up 3a burning 4wind 1the  lord] from out of the wilderness upon him, and he shall dry up his arteries; he shall make quite desolate his springs; he shall totally dry up his land, and all [2items 1his desirable]. 16Samaria shall be obliterated, for she withstood against her God. By the broadsword they shall fall, and the ones under their breasts shall be dashed, and the ones [3in the 4womb 2having one 1of them] shall be torn up.
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