Hosea 14


Judgment against Samaria

1Return, O Israel, to the  lord your God! for you are weakened by your iniquities. 2Take after your own words, and return to the  lord! Speak to him! so that you should not receive for your iniquities, and so that you should receive good things, and we will recompense the fruit of our lips. 3Assyria in no way shall deliver us; upon a horse we shall not ascend; no longer in any way should we say, Our gods -- to the works of our hands. The one among you shall show mercy on the orphan.

Restoration of Israel

4I will repair their dwellings; I will love them confessedly, for [2turned away 1my anger] from them; 5and I will be as dew to Israel; he shall bloom as a lily, and shall cast his roots as Lebanon. 6[2shall go forth 1His branches], and he will be as [2olive 1a fruitful], and his smell as Lebanon. 7They shall return and sit under his protection; they shall live and shall be fixed firmly in grain, and they shall blossom as a grapevine. The memorial of him is as the wine of Lebanon. 8To Ephraim, what is there to him yet and to idols? I humbled him, and I shall strengthen him. I am as a juniper being dense. From me your fruit has been found. 9Who is wise, and perceives these things? discerning, and recognizes them? For straight are the ways of the  lord, and the just shall go by them; but the impious shall weaken in them.
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