Hosea 4


The Charge against Israel

1Hear the word of the  lord, O sons of Israel! For there is a case to the  lord against the ones dwelling the land, because there is no truth, nor mercy, nor full knowledge of God upon the land. 2Curse, and lie, and murder, and fraud, and adultery -- it poured upon the earth, and [2blood 3with 4blood 1they mingled]. 3On account of this [3shall mourn 1the 2land], and shall be diminished with all the ones dwelling it; with the wild beasts of the field, and with the winged creatures of the heaven; and the fishes of the sea shall fail, 4so that no one should adjudicate, nor [2reprove 1should any one]; but my people are as a priest disputing; 5and he shall weaken by day, and [3shall weaken 2also 1the prophet] with you. [3to night 1I likened 2your mother]. 6[2are likened 1My people] as ones not having knowledge. For since [3full knowledge 2thrusted away 1you], [2will thrust you away 1even I] so as to not officiate as priest to me. And as you forgot the laws of your God, I shall forget your children. 7According to their multitude, so they sinned against me. [2their glory 3for 4dishonor 1I will appoint]. 8The sins of my people they shall eat, and in their iniquities shall take their lives. 9And it will be as the people, so also the priest; and I will avenge upon him his ways, and his deliberations I will recompense to him.

Israel Commits Harlotry

10And they shall eat, but in no way should be filled up. They committed harlotry, and in no way should they be straightened. Because [3the 4  lord 1they abandoned 2to watch for]. 11Harlotry, and wine, and strong drink, took the heart of my people. 12By their symbols they asked, and by their rods they reported to him. In a spirit of harlotry they were wandered, and they fornicated from their God. 13Upon the tops of the mountains they were sacrificed, and upon the hills they were sacrificed underneath the oak, and white poplar, and [2tree 1the overshadowing], for good protection. Because of this [2shall fornicate 1your daughters], and your brides shall commit adultery. 14And in no way shall I pay a visit unto your daughters whenever they should commit harlotry, nor unto your daughters-in-law whenever they should commit adultery. For they themselves [2with 3the 4harlots 1blended together], and [2with 3the ones 4initiating rites 1were sacrificed]. And the people not perceiving closely joined with the harlot. 15But you, O Israel, be not ignorant! And Judah, enter not into Gilgal, and ascend not unto the house of On, and swear not an oath, saying, [2lives 1The  lord]! 16For [2as 3a heifer 4being in heat 1Israel was heated]. Now [2will feed 3them 1the  lord] as a lamb in a broad space. 17[2was a partner 3of idols 1Ephraim], he made obstacles to himself. 18He took up with Canaanites, ones committing harlotry. They fornicated and loved dishonor of their neighing. 19[2a tumultuous 3wind 1You are] in her wings, and they shall be disgraced because of their altars.
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