Hosea 9


The Iniquities of Israel and Ephraim

1Rejoice not, O Israel, nor be glad as the peoples! For you went whoring from the  lord your God. You loved gifts upon every threshing-floor of grain. 2The threshing-floor and wine vat did not know them, and the wine lied to them. 3They did not dwell in the land of the  lord; Ephraim dwelt in Egypt, and among the Assyrians [2unclean things 1they shall eat]. 4They offered not a libation to the  lord of wine, and were not delicious to him; their sacrifices were as bread of mourning to them; all the ones eating them shall be defiled. For their bread loaves for their lives shall not enter into the house of the  lord. 5What will you do in the day of festival, and in the day of the holiday feast of the  lord? 6On account of this, behold, they are gone from the misery of Egypt, and [2shall look out for 3them 1Memphis], and [2shall entomb 3them 1Machmas]. Their silver -- ruin shall inherit it; thorn-bushes in their tents. 7[4have come 1The 2days 3of vengeance]; [4have come 1the 2days 3of your recompense]; and Israel shall be afflicted as if the prophet, the one moved out of place, as a man carried by the wind. Because of the multitude of your iniquities [2was multiplied 1your frenzy]. 8The watchman of Ephraim was with God; the prophet [2snare 1is a crooked] upon all his ways; [2frenzy 3in 4the house 5of God 1they firmly fastened]. 9They were corrupted according to the days of the hill. He shall remember their iniquities, he will punish their sins. 10As a grape in the wilderness I found Israel; as a fig in [2fig-tree 1the early] I beheld their fathers. They entered to Baal Peor, and they were separated for shame, and [3became 1the things 2being abhorred] as the things being loved. 11Ephraim as a bird was spread forth away, their glory of births and pangs and from conceptions. 12For if even they should nourish their children, they shall be made childless of men; for [2even 3a woe 4to them 1there is]; my flesh from them. 13Ephraim, in which manner I saw, [3as 4game 1rendered 2their children]; to lead out [2for 3piercing 1their children]. 14Give to them, O  lord! What will you give to them? Give to them a womb being childless and [2breasts 1dry]! 15All their evils are in Gilgal, for there I detested them. Because of the evils of their practices [3out of 4my house 1I will cast 2them]. No way shall I proceed to love them. All their rulers resist persuasion. 16Ephraim toiled, his roots were dried, [3fruit 4any longer 1in no way 2should he bear]; therefore if they should bear, I shall kill the desires of their bellies. 17[2shall thrust them away 1God], for they hearkened not to him; and they will be wanderers among the nations.
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