Isaiah 1


The Vision against Judea and Jerusalem

1The vision which [4beheld 1Isaiah 2son 3of Amoz], which he beheld against Judea, and against Jerusalem, during the kingdom of Uzziah, and Jotham, and Ahaz, and Hezekiah, the ones who reigned over Judea. 2Hear, O heaven, and give ear O earth! For the  lord spoke, saying, [2sons 1I have engendered], and raised them, but they disregarded me. 3[2knows 1The ox] the one acquiring it, and the donkey knows the stable of its master; but Israel [3me 1does not 2know], and my people perceived not. 4Woe, [2nation 1O sinful], people full of sins, [2seed 1an evil], [2sons 1lawless]. You abandoned the  lord, and provoked to anger the holy one of Israel; they were separated into the rear. 5Why still should you be struck, proceeding in lawlessness? The whole head is in misery, and the whole heart is in distress. 6From feet unto head there is no [2in 3it 1wholeness]. Neither wound, nor stripe, nor [2wound 1inflamed] are healed; there is no dressing to place upon it, nor oil, nor bandages. 7 Your land is desolate; your cities scorched; your place before you -- strangers devoure it, and it is made desolate, being eradicated by [2peoples 1alien]. 8[4shall be abandoned 1The 2daughter 3of Zion] as a tent in a vineyard, and as a storehouse in a cucumber garden, as a city being assaulted. 9And unless the  lord of Hosts left us a seed, [2as 3Sodom 1we would have become], and [2as 3Gomorrah 1likened]. 10Hear the word of the  lord, O rulers of Sodom! Take heed to the law of our God, O people of Gomorrah! 11What are [3to me 1the multitude 2of your sacrifices], says the  lord? I am full of whole burnt-offerings of rams, and fat of lambs; and [3blood 4of bulls 5and 6he-goats 1I do not 2want]. 12And neither should you come to appear to me; for who required these from out of your hands? [3to tread 4my courtyard 1You shall not 2proceed]. 13If you should bring fine flour, it is in vain; incense [2an abomination 3to me 1is]; [3your new moons 4and 5the 6Sabbaths 7and 9day 8the great 1I cannot 2endure]. 14Your fasting, and idleness, and your new moons, and your holidays [3detests 2soul 1my]. You became to me as a glut; no longer shall I spare your sins. 15Whenever you should stretch out your hands, I shall turn my eyes from you. And if you should multiply your supplication, I will not listen to you, for your hands [2of blood 1are full]. 16Bathe yourself! [2clean 1Become]! Remove the wickednesses from your souls before my eyes! Cease from your wickednesses! 17Learn [2good 1to do]! Inquire of equity! Rescue the one wronged! Judge for the orphan! and do justice for the widow! 18And come, we should plead, says the  lord. And if [2should be 1your sins] as crimson, [2as 3snow 1I shall whiten]; and if they should be as scarlet, [2as 3wool 1I shall whiten]. 19And if you should want, and if you should listen to me, [2the 3good things 4of the 5earth 1you shall eat]. 20But if you should not want, nor should you listen to me, a sword [2you 1shall devour]. For the mouth of the  lord spoke these things.

Zion the Harlot City

21O how [4became 5a harlot 2city 1the trustworthy 3Zion], full of judgment; in which righteousness slept in it, but now murderers. 22 Your silver is debased; your peddlers mingle the wine with water. 23 Your rulers resist persuasion, they are partners of thieves, loving bribes, pursuing recompense, [3for orphans 1not 2arbitrating], and [3equity 4of widows 1not 2heeding]. 24On account of this, thus says the master, the  lord of Hosts, Woe the ones being strong of Israel, [4will not 5cease 1for 2my 3rage] among the contrary ones, and [2judgment 3on 4my enemies 1I will execute]. 25And I will bring my hand against you, and I will purify you to cleanness. But the ones resisting persuasion I will destroy, and I will remove all lawless ones from you. 26And all the proud I will abase; and I will stand your judges as formerly, and your counselors as at the beginning. And after these things you shall be called, City of Righteousness, [2mother-city 1the trustworthy] Zion. 27For with judgment [2shall be delivered 1her captivity], and with charity. 28And [6shall be broken 1the 2lawless ones 3and 4the 5sinners] together; and the ones abandoning the  lord shall be finished off entirely. 29For they shall be ashamed of their idols, which they preferred; and they shall be ashamed over the gardens which they desired. 30For they will be as a terebinth tree throwing off its leaves, and as a park [3water 1not 2having]. 31And [2will be 1their strength] as the stubble of hemp; and their works as sparks, and [6shall be incinerated 1the 2lawless ones 3and 4the 5sinners] together, and there will not be one extinguishing.
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