Isaiah 11


The Root of Jesse

1And [2shall come forth 1a rod] from out of the root of Jesse; and a flower from out of his root shall ascend. 2And [3will be caused to rest 4upon 5him 1spirit 2of the  lord]; a spirit of wisdom and understanding; a spirit of counsel and strength; a spirit of knowledge and piety; 3[4shall fill him up 1a spirit 2of the fear 3of God]. [2not 4according to 5the 6glory of man 1He shall 3judge], nor [2according to 3the 4speech 1shall he reprove]. 4But he shall judge [2of the lowly 1the case], and shall reprove for the lowly of the earth. And he shall strike the earth by the word of his mouth; and by the breath through his lips he shall do away with the impious. 5And righteousness will be tied around his loin; and [2with truth 3being wrapped around 1his sides]. 6And [2shall be fed together 1the wolf] with the lamb; and the leopard shall be refreshed together with the kid; and a young calf and a lion and a bull [2together 1shall graze]; and [2child 1a small] shall lead them. 7And the ox and bear shall graze together, and [3together 2will be 1their offspring]; and the lion [3as 4an ox 1shall eat 2straw]. 8And a child, an infant at burrows of asps, and at the bed of the progeny of asps, [2his hand 1will put]. 9And in no way shall they do evil nor be able to destroy any one upon [2mountain 1my holy]. For [3is filled up 1the 2whole area] to know the  lord, as [2water 1much] to cover up the sea.

The Gathering of Israel

10And it will be in that day the root of Jesse, and the one rising up to rule nations -- upon him nations shall hope. And [2will be 1his rest] honor. 11And it will be in that day [3will proceed 1the 2  lord] to show his hand to be jealous for the [4left behind 1vestige 2of the 3people], which ever should be left behind by the Assyrians, and by Egypt, and by Babylon, and by Ethiopia, and by the Elamites, and by [2of the sun 1the dawn], and from out of Arabia. 12And he shall lift a sign unto the nations. And he will bring together the ones being destroyed of Israel. And [2the ones 3being dispersed 4of Judah 1he will gather] from out of the four wings of the earth. 13And [4shall be removed 1the 2jealousy 3of Ephraim], and the enemies of Judah shall be destroyed. Ephraim shall not be jealous of Judah, and Judah will not afflict Ephraim. 14And they shall fly in the boast of the Philistines west; together they shall despoil even the ones from [2of the sun 1the dawn], and Edom; and [3upon 4Moab 5first 2hands 1they shall put]; but the sons of Ammon at first shall obey. 15And [2shall make 6desolate 1the  lord 3the 4sea 5of Egypt]; and he shall put his hand upon the river [2wind 1by a violent], and he shall strike seven ravines, so as to travel over it in sandals. 16And there shall be a corridor to the one being left behind of my people, to the one being left behind from the Assyrians. And it will be to Israel as in the day when they came forth from out of the land of Egypt.
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