Isaiah 12


Songs of Praise

1And he shall say in that day, I shall bless you, O  lord, because you were provoked to anger against me, and you turned away your rage, and showed mercy on me. 2Behold, my God, my deliverer; I will be yielding upon him, and I will not be fearful. Because [2is my glory 3and 4my praise 1the  lord]; and it became to me for deliverance. 3Then draw water with gladness from out of the springs of deliverance! 4And you shall say in that day, Sing praise to the  lord! Yell out his name! Announce among the nations his honorable deeds! Mention that [2was exalted 1his name]! 5Sing praise to the name of the  lord! for [2high things 1he did]. Announce these things in all the earth! 6Exult and be glad, O ones dwelling in Zion! for [4is exalted 1the 2holy one 3of Israel] in the midst of her.
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