Isaiah 13


The Vision against Babylon

1The vision against Babylon which [4beheld 1Isaiah 2son 3of Amoz]. 2[3upon 4a mountain 5plain 1Lift up 2a sign]! Raise up high the voice to them! Do not fear! Call for aid with the hand! Open, O rulers! 3I order and I lead them; giants come to fill my rage, rejoicing together and insulting. 4A voice [2nations 1of many] upon the mountains, like [2nations 1many]; a voice of kings and nations being brought together. The  lord of Hosts has given charge to a nation of armed warriors. 5They come from out of a land at a distance, from the extremity of the foundation of the heaven; the  lord and his armed warriors, to ruin all the world. 6Shriek! [4is near 1for 2the day 3of the  lord], and destruction by God shall come. 7Because of this every hand shall be loosened, and every soul of man shall be timid. 8And [3shall be disturbed 1the 2ambassadors], and [2their pangs 1they shall have] as a woman giving birth; and they shall lament together, another to another; and they shall be startled; and [2countenance 3as 4a flame 1they shall change]. 9For behold the day of the  lord comes; incurable rage and anger to make the world desolate, and [2the 3sinners 1to destroy] from out of it. 10For the stars of the heaven, and Orion, and all the cosmos of the heaven [3of their light 1shall not 2give]; and [4shall be made dark 2of the 3sun 1the rising], and the moon shall not give her light. 11And I charge [2to the 4world 3entire 1evils], and to the impious their sins; and I shall destroy the insolence of lawless ones; and [2the insolence 3of the proud 1I will abase]. 12And [3will be 1the 2ones being left 5rare 4more] than [2gold 1unfired]; and a man [2more 3rare 1will be] than the stone, the one of Ophir. 13For the heaven shall be enraged, and the earth shall be shaken from out of its foundation, because of the rage of the anger of the  lord of Hosts in the day which ever [2should come about 1his rage]. 14And [3will be 1the 2ones being left behind] as a young doe fleeing, and as a sheep wandering; and there is no one gathering so as for a man [2to 3his people 1to return]; and a man [2unto 3his own place 1shall take flight]. 15For who ever should capture shall be vanquished; and the ones who [2being brought together 1are] shall fall by sword. 16And [2their children 1they shall dash] before them; and [2their houses 1they shall despoil]; and [2their women 1they shall have]. 17Behold, I rouse against you the Medes -- the [2silver 1ones not considering], nor [3of gold 2need 1have]. 18[2the bows 3of young men, 1They shall break], and [3upon your children 1in no way 2shall they show mercy], nor [3your children 2spare 1shall their eyes]. 19And Babylon will be (the place which is called honorable by the king of the Chaldeans) in which manner [2eradicated 1God] Sodom and Gomorrah. 20It shall not be dwelt in into the eon, nor shall they enter into it through many generations, nor shall [2go through 3it 1the Arabians], nor shepherds in any way shall rest in it. 21And [2shall rest 3there 1wild beasts], and they shall fill up the houses with a sound; and [2shall rest 3there 1sirens], and demons will dance there. 22And satyrs shall dwell there, and [2shall build a nest 1hedgehogs] in their houses.
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