Isaiah 14


The King of Babylon

1Quickly it comes, and shall not pass time, and their days in no way shall drag. And the  lord shall show mercy on Jacob, and will choose yet Israel, and they shall rest upon their land; and the foreigner shall be added to them, and they shall be added to the house of Jacob. 2And [2shall take 3them 1nations], and bring them into their place; and they shall inherit them, and they shall be multiplied upon the land of God for manservants and maidservants; and [4shall be 5captives 1the 2ones capturing 3them]; and they shall dominate the ones dominating them. 3And it will be in that day [2will rest 3you 1the  lord] from the grief, and your rage, and [3slavery 1your 2hard] of which you slaved for them. 4And you shall take up this wailing against the king of Babylon, and you shall say in that day, O how [3has been rested 1the 2one exacting], and [3has been rested 1the 2taskmaster]! 5The  lord broke the yoke of the sinners, the yoke of the rulers. 6Having struck a nation in rage [2calamity 1with an incurable]; hitting a nation with a calamity of rage, which he spared not, he rested persuading. 7All the earth yells with gladness. 8And the trees of Lebanon shall be gladdened against you, and the cedar of Lebanon, saying, From of which time you were laid low, there ascended not one felling us. 9 Hades from below was embittered meeting with you; [7were risen up together 8against you 1all 2the 3giants 4ruling 5the 6earth], the ones rising from their thrones, all the kings of the nations. 10All shall answer and shall say to you, You also captured as even we; [3among 4us 1and 2are you reckoned]? 11[2went down 3into 4Hades 1Your glory], [2great 3gladness 1your]; underneath you they shall make a bed of putrefaction, and [2shall be your covering 1the worm].

The Fallen Morning Star

12O how [3fell 4from out of 5the 6heaven 1the 2morning star] -- the one [2by morning 1rising]; [7was broken 8unto 9the 10earth 1the one 2sending 3to 4all 5the 6nations]. 13But you said in your heart, Unto the heaven I shall ascend; [3upon 4the 5stars 6of the 7heaven 1I will put 2my throne]; I shall sit on [2mountain 1a high], upon the [2mountains 1high] towards the north; 14I will ascend upon the clouds; I will be likened to the highest. 15But now [2into 3Hades 1you shall go down], and into the foundations of the earth. 16The ones beholding you shall wonder over you, and shall say, Is this the man provoking the earth, the one shaking kings; 17the one making the inhabitable world desolate, and [2its cities 1demolished]; the ones in enslavement he did not loose. 18All the kings of the nations sleep in honor, every man in his house. 19But you shall be tossed in the mountains as dead, being abhorred with many having died being stabbed by a sword, going down into Hades. 20In which manner a garment [2by 3blood 1being befouled] shall not be clean, so not even shall you be clean; because [2my land 1you destroyed], and [2my people 1killed]; in no way should you abide into the eon of time -- [2seed 1O evil]. 21Prepare your children to be slain for the sins of their father! that they should not rise up and inherit the earth, and should fill up the earth with wars. 22And I will rise up against them, says the  lord of Hosts, and I will destroy their name, and vestige, and seed -- thus says the  lord. 23And I will make the Babylonian region desolate so as for [2to dwell 1hedgehogs]. And it will be for nothing, and I will make it a clay pit for destruction.

The Plan for the Inhabitable World

24Thus says the  lord of Hosts, In which manner I have said, so it will be; and in which manner I have deliberated, so it shall remain; 25 even to destroy the Assyrians upon [2land 1my], and upon my mountains; and they will be for trampling. And [2shall be removed 3from 4them 1their yoke], and their dignity [2from 3their shoulders 1shall be removed]. 26This is the plan which the  lord planned for all the inhabitable world. And this is the [2hand 1high] upon all the nations. 27For what the [2God 1holy] planned, who shall efface? And [5hand 3his 4high 1who 2shall turn]?

The Destruction of the Philistines

28The year in which [3died 2Ahaz 1king], came this saying. 29Be not glad all Philistines, for he broke the yoke of the one hitting you. For from out of the seed of the serpent shall come forth a progeny of asps, and their progeny shall come forth as [2serpents 1flying]. 30And [2shall be grazed 1the poor] by him; and poor men with peace shall rest; and he shall do away [2with 3hunger 1your seed]; and your vestige he will do away with. 31Shriek, O gates of the cities! Cry out, O cities! [4are being disturbed 2the 3Philistines 1All]. For from the north smoke comes, and there is no being. 32And what shall [3answer 1the kings 2of the nations]? For the  lord laid a foundation in Zion, and through him [3shall be delivered 2peoples 1many].
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