Isaiah 15


The Word against Moab

1The word against Moab. [3by night 2shall be destroyed 1The land of Moab]; for by night [5shall be destroyed 1the 2wall 3of the 4land of Moab]. 2Fret for them! for [3shall be destroyed 1even 2Dibon], where your shrine is. There you shall ascend to weep. Upon Nebo of the land of Moab shriek! Upon every head is baldness, all arms being mutilated. 3In their squares gird on sackcloths, and lament upon her roofs! And in her squares, and in her streets all shriek with weeping! 4For [4have cried out 1Heshbon 2and 3Elealeh]. Unto Jahaz [2was heard 1their sound]. On account of this the loin of the land of Moab yells. Her soul shall know. 5The heart of the land of Moab yells in her unto Zoar; [4heifer 1for 2it is as 3a three years old]. But upon the ascent of Luhith [2to 3you 4weeping 1they shall ascend]; by the way of Horonaim she yells, Defeat and quaking. 6The water of Nimrim shall be desolate, and her grass shall fail; [5grass 1for 4green 2there will not 3be]. 7And shall she thus be about to be delivered? For I shall bring [2upon 3the 4ravine 1the Arabians], and they shall take it. 8[4joined up with 1For 2the 3yelling] the border of the land of Moab of Eglaim, and her shrieking; [2unto 3the 4well 5of Elim 1her shrieking]. 9For the water of Dimon shall be filled with blood. For I shall bring upon Dimon the Arabians, and I will lift away the seed of Moab, and Ariel, and the remnant of Adama.
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