Isaiah 19


The Vision of Egypt

1The vision of Egypt. Behold, the  lord sits upon [2cloud 1a nimble], and shall come to Egypt. And [4shall be shaken 1the 2handmade idols 3of Egypt] before his face, and their heart shall be vanquished in them. 2And Egyptians shall be roused against Egyptians, and [2shall wage war against 1every man] his brother, and every man against his neighbor; city against city, and abode against abode. 3And [5shall be disturbed 1the 2spirit 3of the 4Egyptians] in themselves; and [2their plan 1I shall efface]. And they shall ask of their gods, and of their statues, and the ones [2from out of 3the 4earth 1that speak out loud], and the ones delivering oracles. 4And I will deliver up the Egyptian into the hands of men [2masters 1being hard]; and [2kings 1hard] shall lord over them. Thus says the  lord of Hosts. 5And [3shall drink 1the 2Egyptians] water by the sea, for the river shall fail and shall dry up. 6And [8shall fail 1the 2rivers 3and 4the 5aqueducts 6of the 7river]; and [4shall be dried up 1all 2the gathering 3of water], and in every marsh of reed and papyrus, 7and [2the green 1all] round about the river, and all the thing being sown throughout the river shall be dried, destroyed by the wind. 8And [3shall moan 1the 2fishermen]; and [8shall moan 1all 2the ones 3throwing 4a hook 5into 6the 7river]; and the ones throwing dragnets and the casting-net fishermen shall mourn. 9And shame shall take the ones working the [2flax 1shredded], and the ones working the linen. 10And [4will be 1the 2ones working 3them] in grief; and all the ones making beer shall be fretful; and the souls shall cause pain. 11And [4will be morons 1the 2rulers 3of Tanis]; and the wise counselors of the king, their counsel will be moronish. How shall you say to the king, [2sons 3of discerning men 1We are], sons of kings from the beginning? 12Where are they now, your wise men? and let them announce to you, and say what [3planned 1the  lord 2of Hosts] against Egypt. 13[4failed 1The 2rulers 3of Tanis], and [4are haughty 1the 2rulers 3of Memphis]; and they shall cause Egypt to wander and the tribes. 14For the  lord mixed for them a spirit addicted to a delusion; and they caused Egypt to wander in all its works, as [3wanders 1the one 2being intoxicated] and the one vomitting together. 15And there will not be [2for the 3Egyptians 1work], which shall make head or tail, and beginning or end. 16In that day [3will be 1the 2Egyptians] as women, in fear and in trembling from in front of the hand of the  lord of Hosts, which he shall put upon them. 17And [5will be 1the 2place 3of the 4Jews] to the Egyptians for a fearful thing; any one who might name it to them, they shall fear, because of the plan which the  lord of Hosts planned against it.

Egypt, Assyria, and Israel Blessed

18In that day there will be five cities in Egypt speaking the tongue of the Canaanites, and swearing by an oath to the name of the  lord of Hosts. [5City 6of Asedek 4shall be called 1The 2one 3city]. 19In that day there will be an altar to the  lord in the region of the Egyptians; and there will be a monument at its border to the  lord. 20And it will be for a sign into the eon to the  lord in the place of Egypt; for they shall cry out to the  lord because of the ones afflicting them; and he shall send to them a man who will deliver them; by judging he shall deliver them. 21And [3made known 2will be 1the  lord] to the Egyptians; and [3shall know 1the 2Egyptians] the  lord in that day; and they shall make a sacrifice offering and a gift offering; and they shall vow vows to the  lord, and shall render them. 22And the  lord shall strike the Egyptians with a calamity, and he shall heal them; and they shall be turned towards the  lord; and he shall listen to them, and he shall heal them with healing. 23In that day there will be a way of Egypt to the Assyrians; and [2shall enter 1the Assyrians] into Egypt, and Egypt will go to the Assyrians, and [3shall serve 1the 2Egyptians] to the Assyrians. 24In that day Israel will be third with the Egyptians and with the Assyrians, being blessed in the land; 25which [3blessed 1the  lord 2of Hosts], saying, Blessed be my people, the one in Egypt, and the one among the Assyrians, and my inheritance Israel.
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