Isaiah 21


The Vision of the Wilderness

1The vision of the wilderness. As a blast [2through 3a wilderness 1might go], from out of the wilderness coming from land; 2so a fearful [3vision 1and 2hard] was announced to me; the one disregarding disregards; the one acting lawlessly acts lawlessly. [3are upon 4me 1The 2Elamites], and the ambassadors of the Persians [2against 3me 1come]. Now I shall moan and shall comfort myself. 3Because of this [2was filled 1my loin] with feebleness, and pangs took me as the one giving birth. I transgressed to not hear, I hurried to not see. 4 My heart wanders, and lawlessness immerses me; my soul attends to fear. 5Prepare the table! Eat! Drink! Rising up are the rulers. Pull up shields! 6For thus said the  lord to me, Proceeding, [2yourself 1stand] as watchman, and whatever you should behold announce! 7And I saw riders -- [2horsemen 1two], a rider of a donkey, and a rider of a camel. Listen [2hearing 1with great]! 8And call Uriah to the watchtower of the  lord! And he said, I stood always by day, and over the camp I stood all the night.

Babylon is Fallen

9And behold, he comes -- a rider of a double chariot; and responding he said, Has fallen, has fallen, Babylon and all her statues; and her handmade idols were broken unto the ground. 10Hear! O ones being left behind, and, O ones grieving. Hear what I heard from the  lord of Hosts! what the God of Israel announced to you.

The Vision of Edom

11The vision of Edom. [2to 3me 1He called] from Seir. Guard the parapets! 12I guard in the morning, and the night; if you should seek, seek; and [2with 3me 1live]! 13In the forest by evening you shall bed down in the way of Dedan; 14for meeting with the one thirsting [2water 1bring]! O ones dwelling in the place of Tema. [2with bread loaves 1Meet] the ones fleeing! 15because of the multitude of the ones being slain, and because of the multitude of the ones wandering, and because of the multitude of the swords, and because of the multitude of the bows of the ones being extended, and because of the multitude of the ones fallen in the battle. 16For thus [2said 3to me 1the  lord], Yet a year, as the year of a hireling, [4shall fail 1the 2glory 3of Kedar]. 17And the remnant of the [2bowmen 1strong] of the sons of Kedar will be few. For the  lord God of Israel spoke.
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