Isaiah 22


The Ravine of Zion

1The matter of the ravine of Zion. What happened to you that now you [2ascended 1all] unto the roofs in vain? 2[3was filled up 1the 2city] of ones yelling. Your slain are not slain ones by swords, nor your dead dead ones by war. 3All your rulers have fled together from the bow, [2being tied 1they are], and the ones being strong among you [2at a distance 1have fled]. 4On account of this, I said, Let me go! [2bitterly 1I shall weep]. You should not grow strong to comfort me over the destruction of the daughter of my people. 5For it is a day of disturbance, and destruction, and trampling, and an addiction to a delusion by the  lord of Hosts. [2in 3the ravine 4of Zion 1They wander]. [2from 3small 4unto 5great 1They wander] upon the mountain. 6But the Elamites took quivers, and [2riders 1men] upon horses, and there was a gathering of a battle array. 7And [4will be 2choice 3ravines 1your] filled of chariots, and the horsemen shall obstruct your gates. 8And they shall uncover the gates of Judah, and they shall look in that day unto the choice houses of the city. 9And they shall uncover the hidden places of the houses of the Akra of David. And they saw that [2many more 1there were], and they turned the water of the ancient pool into the city; 10and that they demolished the houses of Jerusalem for fortification of the walls of the city. 11And you produced for yourselves water between the two walls inside the [2pool 1ancient], but you did not look to the [3in 4the beginning 1one making 2it]; and the one creating it you did not behold. 12And [3called 1the  lord 2of Hosts 5in 6that day 4for weeping], and beating the breast, and shaving, and girding up sackcloths. 13But they were making glad and leaping for joy, slaying calves, and sacrificing sheep so as to eat meat and to drink wine, saying, We should eat and drink, for tomorrow we die. 14And [2being uncovered 1these things are] in the ears of the  lord of Hosts, for [3shall not 4be forgiven 5you 1this 2sin] until whenever you should die. 15Thus says the  lord of Hosts, Go into the cubicle, to Somnan the storekeeper, and say to him, 16Why are you here? and what is there to you here? that you quarried for yourself here a memorial, and made for yourself in a high place a memorial, and depicted to yourself [2in 3the rock 1a dwelling]. 17Behold, indeed, the  lord of Hosts shall cast out and shall obliterate such a man, and shall remove your apparel, and [3crown 1your 2honorable], 18and will toss you into [4place 1a great 2and 3unmeasured], and there you shall die; and he will establish [3chariot 1your 2good] for dishonor, and the house of your ruler for trampling. 19And you shall be removed from your administration, and from your station. 20And it will be in that day, even I will call my servant Eliakim the son of Helkiah; 21and I will put on him your apparel, and [3your crown 1I will give 2to him]. And might, and your administration I will put into his hands; and he shall be as a father to the ones dwelling Jerusalem, and to the ones dwelling Judah. 22And I will put to him the key of the house of David upon his shoulder. And he shall open, and there will not be one locking. And he shall lock, and there shall not be one opening. And I will give the glory of David to him. And he will rule, and there will not be one disputing. 23And I will establish him as ruler in [2place 1a trustworthy], and he will be for a throne of glory [2house 1for his father's]. 24And [7will be 8relying 9upon 10him 1every 2honorable one 3in 4the 5house 6of his father], from small unto great; every [2vessel 1small] from vessels of the cups. And they will be hanging upon him in that day. 25Thus says the  lord of Hosts, [7shall be moved 1The 2man 3being fixed fast 4in 6place 5a trustworthy]; and [4shall be removed 5and 6shall fall 7and 8shall waste away 1the 2glory 3upon him]; for the  lord spoke.
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