Isaiah 24


The Desolation of the Inhabitable World

1Behold, the  lord lays waste the [2inhabitable world 1whole], and will make it desolate, and shall uncover its surface, and disperse the ones dwelling on it. 2And [3will be 1the 2people] as priests; and the servant as the master; and the female attendant [2as 3the 4lady 1will be]; the one buying as the one selling; the one borrowing as the one lending; and the one owing as the one who is owed. 3By corruption [3shall be corrupted 1the 2earth]; and by plunder [3shall be plundered 1the 2earth]; for the mouth of the  lord spoke these things. 4[3mourns 1The 2earth], and [3is corrupted 1the 2world]; [5mourn 1the 2lofty ones 3of the 4earth]. 5And the earth acted lawlessly on account of the ones inhabiting her; because they transgressed the law of the  lord, and effaced and bartered away the orders -- [2covenant 1the eternal]. 6Therefore this curse shall devour the earth; for [4sinned 1the ones 2dwelling 3on it]; on account of this [6will be poor 1the ones 2dwelling 3on 4the 5earth], and [3will be left behind 2men 1a few]. 7[2shall mourn 1The wine], [2shall mourn 1the grapevine], [5shall moan 1all 2the ones 3being glad 4in soul]. 8[3has ceased 1The gladness 2of tambourines]; [5have ceased 1self-sufficiency 2and 4riches 3impious]; [3has ceased 1the sound 2of the harp]. 9They are ashamed, they did not drink wine; [3bitter 2became 1liquor] to the ones drinking. 10[3was desolate 1Every 2city]. One shall lock the house to not enter. 11Shriek for the wine everywhere! [5has ceased 1All 2gladness 3of the 4earth]; [5departed 1all 2gladness 3of the 4earth]; 12and [3shall be left behind 2cities 1desolate], and houses being abandoned shall be consumed. 13All these things will be on the earth in the midst of the nations. In which manner as if one should glean an olive tree, thus shall they glean them, even as if [3should cease 1the 2gathering a crop], 14And these in a voice shall yell out; but the ones being left behind upon the earth shall be glad together in the glory of the  lord; [5shall be disturbed 1the 2water 3of the 4sea]. 15On account of this the glory of the  lord [2among 3the 4islands 1will be] of the sea; the name of the  lord will be honored. 16O  lord God of Israel, from the wings of the earth [2miracles 1we heard] -- hope to the pious; but they shall say, Woe to the ones annulling -- the ones annulling the law. 17Fear, and a pit, and a snare is upon you, O ones dwelling upon the earth. 18And it will be the one fleeing the fear shall fall into the pit; and the one going up from out of the pit shall be captured by the snare; for windows from out of the heaven were opened, and [5shall be shaken 1the 2foundations 3of the 4earth]. 19By disturbance [3shall be disturbed 1the 2earth]; and with perplexity [3shall be perplexed 1the 2earth]. 20It leans and [3shall be shaken 4as 5a storehouse of fruits 1the 2earth]; as the one being intoxicated and dizzy; and it shall fall, and in no way be able to rise up. [3shall grow strong 1For 4upon 5it 2lawlessness]. 21And it will be in that day [2shall bring 1God 5against 6the 7cosmos 8of the 9heaven 3the 4hand], and against the kings of the earth. 22And they shall gather its congregation, and shall lock them into a fortress and in a jail; through many generations [3visited 2will be 1they]. 23And [3shall melt away 1the 2brick], and [3shall fall 1the 2wall], and [3shall feel remorse 1the 2moon], and [3shall be ashamed 1the 2sun], for the  lord shall reign in Zion, and from out of Jerusalem, and [2before 3the 4elders 1he shall be glorified].
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