Isaiah 27


The Dragon Serpent

1In that day [2will bring on 1God] the [8sword 1holy 2and 3the 4great 5and 6the 7strong] against the dragon, [2serpent 1the fleeing] -- against the dragon, [2serpent 1the crooked]. And he will do away with the dragon, the one in the sea. 2 In that day [2vineyard 1there shall be a good], and a desire to lead a song concerning it. 3I am [2city 1a fortified], a city being assaulted. In folly I water her, for she shall be captured by night, and by day [2shall fall 1her wall]. 4There is not her who did not take hold of her; therefore because of this the  lord did all as much as he ordered. I am incinerated. 5[6shall yell 1All 2the ones 3dwelling 4in 5her], We should make peace with him, we should make peace. 6The ones coming are children of Jacob. [2shall burst forth 3and 4shall blossom 1Israel], and [3shall be filled with 1the 2inhabitable world] its fruit. 7Is it not as he struck others, even he himself so shall be struck? And as he did away with, also he himself thus shall be done away with? 8[2doing combat 3and 4berating 1He shall send them out]. [3not 2you 1Were] the one meditating with [2spirit 1a harsh], to do away with them in a spirit of rage? 9On account of this [3shall be removed 1the 2lawlessness] from Jacob; and this is his blessing; whenever I should remove [3from him 1the 2sin]; whenever they should furnish all the stones of the shrines for being cut in pieces as [2powder 1fine]; and in no way should [2remain 1their trees], and their idols shall be in the state of being cut down as a forest far off. 10The [2dwelling there 1flock 4spared 3will be] as a flock being left behind; and there will be much time for pasture, and there they shall rest. 11And after much time there will not be in it any green thing on account of drying out. O women coming from a spectacle, come. [5no 1for 3a people 2it is 4having] understanding. On account of this in no way should [4pity 1the one 2making 3them], nor the one shaping them in any way show mercy. 12And it will be in that day the  lord will shut up together from the aqueduct of the river unto Rhinocora. But you gather together the sons of Israel, according to one by one! 13And it will be in that day they shall trump the [2trumpet 1great], and [8shall come 1the ones 2being lost 3in 4the 5place 6of the 7Assyrians], and the ones being lost in Egypt. And they shall do obeisance to the  lord upon the [2mountain 1holy] in Jerusalem.
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