Isaiah 28


Woe to the Hirelings of Ephraim

1Woe to the crown of insolence, the hirelings of Ephraim, the flower, the one having fallen of the glory upon the top of the [2mountain 1thick branched], the ones being intoxicated without wine. 2Behold, strong and hard is the rage of the  lord; as hail being carried down not having protection, with force being carried down; as [3water 2of much 1a multitude] dragging a place along. In the land he shall cause rest to the hands. 3And by the feet [4shall be trampled 1the 2crown 3of insolence], the hirelings of Ephraim. 4And [3shall be 1the 2flower] (the one having fallen off of the hope of the glory) upon the tip of the [2mountain 1high] as a forerunner of a fig. The one beholding it, before [2into 3his hand 1taking it], will want to swallow it down. 5 In that day [3will be 1the  lord 2of Hosts] the crown of hope, the plaited crown of glory to the one being left behind of my people. 6And they shall be left behind in spirit of equity for judgment, and for the strength restraining doing away with.

The Offending Priests and Prophets

7For these [3in wine 2wandering 1are]; wandering because of the liquor; the priest and prophet are startled because of the liquor; they are swallowed down because of the wine; they are shaken from the intoxication of the liquor; they wandered; this is a visible manifestation. 8A curse shall devour this plan, for this plan is because of the desire for wealth. 9To whom did we announce evils? and to whom did we announce a message? even to the ones being weaned from milk, and the ones being drawn away from the breast. 10Affliction upon affliction; favorably receive hope upon hope; still a little, still a little, 11because of disparagement of the lips; [3by 5tongue 4another 1for 2they shall speak] to this people, 12saying to it, This is the rest to the one hungering, and this is the destruction; and they did not want to hear. 13And [4will be 5to them 1the 2oracle 3of God], affliction upon affliction, hope upon hope, still a little, still a little; that they should go and should fall to the rear, and shall be exposed to danger, and shall be broken, and shall be captured. 14On account of this hear the word of the  lord, O men being afflicted, and rulers of this people in Jerusalem! 15For you said, We made a covenant with Hades, and [2with 3death 1treaties]. [2a gale 3being brought 1If] should go by, in no way should it come to us. We made the lie our hope, and by the lie we shall be sheltered.

The Cornerstone in Zion

16On account of this, thus says the  lord, Behold, I shall put for the foundations of Zion [4stone 1a very costly 2chosen 3cornering] of value for its foundations; and the one trusting upon it in no way should be disgraced. 17And I shall place judgment for hope, and my charity by weights. And the ones relying vainly in a lie that in no way should [2go by 3you 1the gale]; 18even [4should not have removed 1your 2covenant 3of death]; and your hope, the one in Hades in no way should adhere. [2the blast 3being brought 1If] should come, you will be [3by it 1for 2trampling]. 19Whenever it should go by, it shall take you. Morning by morning it shall go by you, and in the night it will be [2hope 1an evil]. Learn to hear! 20O ones having been restricted, in no way are we able to do combat; but we are ourselves weakened for you to gather. 21As if a mountain of impious men the  lord shall rise up; and it shall be in the ravine of Gibeon; with rage he shall execute his works -- [2of bitterness 1a work]; but his rage [2strangely 1he shall treat], and his rottenness in strangeness. 22And you, may you not be glad, nor [3strengthen 4in you 1the 2bonds]; because [3being completed 4and 5being rendered concise 2the things 1I heard] by the  lord of Host, which he will do upon all the earth. 23Give ear and hearken to my voice! Take heed and hear my words! 24Shall not [5the entire 6day 3be about 1the 2one plowing 4to plow]? or the one sowing, will he not prepare beforehand to work the ground? 25Does he not whenever he should level the face of it, then sow the small pepperwort or cummin, and again sow wheat, and barley, and spelt, in your boundaries? 26And you shall be corrected in the equity of your God, and shall be glad. 27For not with hardness [2cleansed 1is the pepperwort], nor [2the wheel 3of a wagon 1shall] lead about upon the cummin; but [4by a rod 3is shaken off 1the 2pepperwort]. 28But the cummin [2with 3bread 1shall be eaten], [3not 1for 6into 7the 8eon 2I am 4provoked to anger 5against you], nor shall the voice of my bitterness trample you. 29And these [3by 4the  lord 5of Hosts 2came forth 1miracles]. Take counsel, exalt vain comfort!
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