Isaiah 29


Woe O City of Ariel

1Woe city of Ariel, which David waged war. Gather together produce year by year! for you shall eat with Moab. 2For I will squeeze Ariel, and [5will be 1her 2strength 3and 4riches] mine. 3And I will encircle as David upon you, and I will throw up [2around 3you 1a siege mound], and I will build, and I will set [2around 3you 1towers]. 4And [2shall be abased 1your words] unto the ground. And unto the ground your words shall go down. And [2will be 3as 4the ones 5speaking out loud 6from out of 7the 8earth 1your voice]; and to the ground your voice shall weaken. 5And [5will be 6as 7a cloud of dust 8from 9a wheel 1the 2riches 3of the 4impious]; and [6will be as 7dust 8being borne about 1the 2multitude 3of the ones 4afflicting 5you]; and it will be [2as 3a moment 1immediate], 6by the  lord of Hosts; [3a visitation 1for 2there will be] with thunder, and earthquake, and [2sound 1a great], a blast being borne about, and a flame of fire devouring. 7And [6will be 7as 8ones dreaming 9in 10sleep 1the 2riches 3of all 4the 5nations], as many as march against Ariel, and all the ones soldiering against Jerusalem, and all the ones gathering together against her, and the ones afflicting her. 8And it shall be as the ones in sleep drinking and eating and rising up. [4is vain 3of them 1the 2dream], and in which manner [5shall dream 1the one 2thirsting 3and 4drinking], and rising up they still thirst, and his soul [2in 3vain 1hoped], so will be the riches of all the nations, as many as marched against mount Zion.

Spirit of Vexation

9Be loosened! Be amazed and be dizzy! Not from liquor nor from wine. 10For [2has given you to drink 1the  lord] a spirit of vexation. And he will close the eyelids of their eyes, and their prophets, and their rulers, the ones seeing the hidden things. 11And [4shall be 5to you 1all 3sayings 2these] as the words [2scroll 3having a seal set upon it 1of this]; which if they should give it to a man having knowledge of letters, saying, Read these things! Then he shall say, I am not able to read, for it is sealed. 12And [3will be given 2scroll 1this] into the hands of a man not having knowledge of letters. And one shall say to him, Read this! And he shall say, I do not have knowledge of letters. 13And the  lord said, [2approach 3unto me 1this people] with their mouth, and by their lips they esteem me, but their heart is far off at a distance from me; and in vain they worship me, teaching the precepts [3of men 1and 2instructions]. 14On account of this, behold, I shall proceed to transpose this people; and I will transpose them, and I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; and [2the 3understanding 4of the 5discerning 1I will hide]. 15Woe to the ones deeply [2plans 1making], and not according to the  lord. Woe to the ones [3in 4secret 2plans 1making]. And [2shall be 3in 4darkness 1their works], and they shall say, Who has seen us, and who shall know us or what we do? 16[2not 4as 5clay 6for the 7potter 1Shall you 3be considered]? Shall [3say 1the 2thing shaped] to the one shaping, You did not shape me. Or the thing made by the one making it, [2not 3expertly 1You did] make me?

The Deaf-mutes Shall Hear

17No longer a little while and [2shall be transposed 1Lebanon] as the mountain of fruitful field; and the mountain of fruitful field [2as 3a forest 1shall be considered]. 18And [4shall hear 1in 2that day 3deaf-mutes] the words of the scroll; and the ones in darkness, and the ones in fog -- the eyes of the blind will see, 19and [2shall exult 1the poor] because of the  lord with gladness, and the ones despairing of men shall be filled up with gladness. 20[2failed 1The lawless one], and [2is destroyed 1the proud one], and [5shall be utterly destroyed 1the ones 2acting lawlessly 3concerning 4evil], 21even the ones causing [2to sin 1men] by a word. [3all 1And 4the ones 5reproving 6at 7the gates 8to be considered for stumbling 2men shall make], for they bent away [2by 3unjust acts 1the just one]. 22On account of this, thus says the  lord concerning the house of Jacob, whom he separated from Abraham, [3not 4now 2shall 5be ashamed 1Jacob], nor now [2countenance 1shall Israel change]. 23But whenever [2shall behold 1their children] my works, because of me they shall sanctify my name, and they shall sanctify the holy one of Jacob, and [2the 3God 4of Israel 1they shall fear]. 24And [5shall know 1the ones 2wandering 3in the 4spirit] understanding, and the ones grumbling shall learn to obey, and the [2tongues 1stuttering] shall learn to speak peace.
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