Isaiah 3


Judgment on Judea's Leadership

1Behold, indeed the master, the  lord of Hosts, he shall remove from Jerusalem and from Judea the prevailing man and prevailing woman; the strength of bread and the strength of water; 2the giant and the one prevailing, and a man warrior, and magistrate, and prophet, and thinker, and old man, 3and commander of fifty, and wonderful counselor, and wise architect, and discerning listener. 4And I will set young men as their rulers; and mockers will lord over them. 5And [3will be downcast 1the 2people]; man against man, even a man will be against his neighbor; [3will strike 1the 2boy] against the old man; the one without honor against the important. 6For [2shall take hold of 1a man] his brother, or a member of the family of his father, saying, [2a garment 1You have], [3chief 1you become 2our]; and [3food needs 2my 5under 6you 1let 4be]! 7And answering in that day, he will say, I will not be your chief, [3no 1for 5in 6my house 2there is 4bread], nor a garment; I will not be a chief of this people. 8For Jerusalem is forsaken, and Judea is cast down, and their tongues speak with lawlessness the things against the  lord, resisting persuasion. 9Because now [2was abased 1their glory], and the shame of their face withstood them, and [2their sin 3as 4Sodom 1they announced], and revealed it. Woe to their soul, because they consulted [2counsel 1wicked] against themselves; 10having said, We should bind the just, for [2inconvenient 3to us 1he is]; therefore the produce of their works they shall eat. 11Woe to the lawless one; evils according to the works of his hands shall come to pass against him. 12O my people, your exactors glean you, and the ones exacting lord over you; O my people, the ones declaring you blessed mislead you, and [2the 3roads 4of your feet 1they disturb]. 13But now [2will place 3in 4judgment 1the  lord], and will stand [2in 3judgment 1his people]. 14The  lord himself [2for 3judgment 1shall come] with the elders of the people, and with his rulers. But you, why did you set on fire my vineyard, and the seizure of the poor is in your houses? 15Why do you wrong my people, and [2the 3face 4of the 5poor 1disgrace], says the  lord, the Lord of the militaries?

Judgment on the Daughters of Zion

16Thus says the  lord, Because [4are haughty 1the 2daughters 3of Zion], and they go with a high neck, and with the beckon of the eyes, and their goings with their feet together, dragging their inner garments, and their feet [2together 1playing]; 17therefore [2will abase 1the  lord] the ruling daughters of Zion; and the  lord will uncover their condition. 18In that day even the  lord will remove the glory of their clothes, and the fringes, and the crescents, 19and the necklace, and the ornament of their face, 20and the array of the ornament of glory, and the armlets, and the bracelets, and the wreaths, and the rings, and the right armbands, 21and the ear-rings, and the objects edged with purple, and the purple ornamentations, 22and the cloths for the house, and the transparencies of Lakonika, 23and the fine linens, and the ones of blue, and scarlet, and the linen [2with 3gold 4and 5blue 1being interwoven], and the lightweight coverings for divans. 24And there will be [2instead of 4scent 3an agreeable 1a cloud of dust]; and instead of a belt, [2with a rough cord 1you shall tie around]; and instead of the [2ornament 3for the 4head 1gold], [2baldness 1you shall have] on account of your works; and instead of the inner garment of purple ornamentation, you shall gird on sackcloth. 25And [3son 1your 2best] whom you love [2by the sword 1shall fall]; and your strong ones [2by the sword 1shall fall], and they shall be abased. 26And [4shall mourn 1the 2cases 3of your ornamentation]; and you shall be left behind alone; and into the earth you shall be dashed.
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