Isaiah 33


After Affliction Comes Deliverance

Woe to the ones causing misery, [4you 1but 2no one 3makes] miserable; and the one disrespecting you, does not disrespect; [3shall be captured 1the ones 2disrespecting], and they shall be delivered up; and as a moth upon a cloak, so they shall be vanquished. O  lord, show mercy on us! [3upon 4you 1for 2we rely]. [5became 1The 2seed 3of the ones 4resisting persuasion] for destruction; but our deliverance is in time of affliction. On account of the sound of the fear of you [2were amazed 1peoples]. [5because of 6the 7fear 8of you 1and 4were dispersed 2the 3nations]. But now [2shall be gathered 1your spoils], small and great; in which manner as if one should gather locusts, so they shall mock you. Holy is the God dwelling in heavens. Zion shall be filled up with equity and righteousness. [2to 3the law 1They shall be delivered up]. [2is in 3treasuries 1Our deliverance]. Located there are wisdom and higher knowledge and piety to the  lord; these are treasuries of righteousness. Behold indeed, in the fear of you these shall be fearful. Whom you feared shall yell out because of you; for messengers shall be sent enjoining for peace, bitterly weeping. [5shall be made desolate 1For 2the 4of these 3ways]. [5has been made to cease 1Your 2fear 3of the 4nations], and the covenant is lifted away, and in no way shall you consider them men. [3mourned 1The 2land]. Lebanon is ashamed. [3marshes 2became 1Sharon]. [3of distinction 2will be 1Galilee], and Carmel. 10 Now I shall rise up, says the  lord. Now I shall be glorified, now I shall be exalted, 11 now you shall see, now you shall perceive, [5in vain 4shall be 1the 2strength 3of your spirit]; fire shall devour you. 12 And [2shall be 1the nations] for incinerating as a thorn-bush in a field being tossed and being incinerated. 13 [3shall hear 1The ones 2at a distance] what I did; and [3shall know 1the ones 2approaching] my strength. 14 [5departed 1The 3in 4Zion 2lawless ones]. [2shall take 1Trembling] the impious. Who shall announce to you that a fire is being burned? Who shall announce to you the [2place 1eternal]? 15 The one going in righteousness, speaking the straight way, detesting lawlessness and injustice, and [3with the 4hands 1shaking off 2bribes], weighing down the ears that he should not hear a judgment of blood, closing the eyelids of the eyes that he should not behold injustice. 16 This one shall live in a high cave [2rocks 1of strong]; bread shall be given to him, and his water is trustworthy.

Future Zion

17 [2a king 3with 4glory 1You shall see], and your eyes shall see a land at a distance. 18  Your soul shall meditate upon fear. Where are the academics? Where are the ones advising? Where is the one counting the ones being maintained? 19 A small and great people which did not take advice, nor had beheld a deep voice, so that [3should not 4hear 1a people 2being treated as worthless], and there is no [2to the one 3hearing 1understanding]. 20 Behold, Zion the city, our deliverance. Your eyes shall see Jerusalem, [2city 1a rich], tents which in no way shall be shaken, nor shall [4be moved 1the 2stanchions 3of her tent] into the eon of time, nor [3her rough cords 1in any way 2shall] be torn up. 21 For the name of the  lord [2great 3to you 1will be]; with rivers and [4aqueducts 1spacious 2and 3broad]. You shall not go this way, nor shall [3go 1a boat 2being rowed]. 22  For my God is great; [2shall not 3pass me by 1the  lord]; the  lord our judge; the  lord our ruler; the  lord our king; the  lord himself shall deliver us. 23 [2were torn 1Your rough cords], for [2does not 3have strength 1your mast], it leans, it shall not let down the shrouds, it shall not lift a signal flag until of which time it should be delivered up for plunder; therefore many lame men [2plunder 1shall cause]. 24 And in no way shall [6say 7I am tired 1the 2people 3dwelling 4in 5her], [3shall be forgiven 1for 4to them 2sin].
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