Isaiah 34


Judgment on the Nations

1Lead forward, O nations, and hearken, O rulers! Hear, O earth and the ones [2in 3it 1living]; O world, and the people in it! 2Because the rage of the  lord is upon all the nations, and his anger is upon their number, to destroy them and to deliver them up unto slaughter. 3And the slain ones of theirs shall be tossed forth, and the dead ones. And [3of them shall ascend 1the 2scent], and [3shall be rained upon 1the 2mountains] by their blood. 4And [6shall melt away 1all 2the 3powers 4of the 5heavens]. And [3shall coil up 1the 2heaven] as a scroll, and all the stars shall fall as leaves fall from a grapevine, and as [2fall 1leaves] from a fig-tree. 5For [2was intoxicated 1my sword] in the heaven. Behold, [2upon 3Edom 1it shall go down], and upon the people of the destruction with judgment. 6The sword of the  lord was filled of blood thickened from the fat of lambs, and from the fat of he-goats and rams; for a sacrifice to God is in Bosor, and [2slaughter 1a great] in Edom. 7And [3shall be cast down 1the 2stout men] with them, and the rams and the bulls. And [3will be intoxicated 1the 2earth] from the blood, even their embankment; and [2of 3their fat 1they shall be filled up].

Day of Judgment

8For it is a day of judgment of the  lord, and the year of recompense of judgment of Zion. 9And [2shall be turned 1her ravines] into pitch; and her land into sulphur; and [2will be 1her land 3in 5pitch 4burning] 10night and day; and it shall not be extinguished into the eon of time. And [2shall ascend 1her smoke] upward; unto her generations she shall be made desolate, and for [2time 1a long] she shall be made desolate. 11Birds, and hedgehogs, and ibises, and crows shall dwell in her; and [4shall be put 5upon 6her 2cord 1a surveying 3of desolation]; and satyrs shall live in her. 12 Her rulers will not be; for her kings and her great men will be for destruction. 13And [3shall grow up 4in 5their cities 1thorny 2woods], and also in her fortresses; and they will be properties of sirens, and a courtyard of ostriches. 14And [2shall meet with 1demons] satyrs; and they shall yell another to the other; [3there 2shall rest 1satyrs], for they found for themselves a place of rest. 15[3there 2shall nest 1The hedgehog], and [3preserved 1the 2earth] her children with safety; there stags meet together, and beheld the faces of one another. 16[2in number 1They go by], and [2one 3of them 1not] perished; the other [3the 4other 1did not 2seek]; for the  lord gave charge to them, and his spirit gathered them. 17And he shall cast lots for them, and his hand divided out parts to them to graze. Into the eon of time you shall inherit; for generations of generations shall rest upon it.
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