Isaiah 38


The Infirmity of Hezekiah

1And it came to pass in that time Hezekiah was infirm unto death. And there came to him Isaiah son of Amoz the prophet; and he said to him, Thus says the  lord, Give orders concerning your house! [3die 1for 2you], and shall not live. 2And Hezekiah turned his face to the wall, and prayed to the  lord, 3saying, Remember, O  lord, as I was gone before you with truth, in [2heart 1a true], and the things pleasing before you I did. And Hezekiah wept [2weeping 1with great]. 4And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to Isaiah, saying, 5Go, and say to Hezekiah, Thus says the  lord, the God of David your father; I heard your prayer, and beheld your tears. Behold, I add to your time fifteen years. 6And from out of the hand of the king of the Assyrians I shall rescue you, and this city; and I shall shield over this city. 7And this [3to you 1is the 2sign] from the  lord, that [2will do 1God] this thing which he said. 8Behold, I shall turn the shadow of the stairs which [3went down 4the 5ten 6stairs 7of the 8house 9of your father 1the 2sun]. I will return the sun the ten stairs which [3went down 1the 2shadow].

Prayer of Hezekiah

9The prayer of Hezekiah king of Judea when he was infirm and he rose up from his infirmity. 10I said in the height of my days, I shall go to the gates of Hades; I shall forsake the years remaining. 11I said, No longer in any way shall I behold the deliverance of God upon the land of the living. No longer in any way shall I behold a man with ones inhabiting. 12I failed my kin; I forsook the rest of my life; it departed and went forth from me as the one resting up [2a tent 1pitching]. My spirit in me became as the web of one working in wool approaching to cut it off. 13In that day I was delivered over until morning. As a lion so he broke all my bones. For from the day until the night I was delivered over. 14As a swallow, so shall I call out, and as a dove, so shall I meditate. [4failed 1For 2my 3eyes] to see into the height of the heaven, to the  lord who rescued me. 15And he removed [3of my 1the 2grief] soul, and he acted. 16O  lord, [2concerning 3this 1for] it was announced to you, and you awakened my breath, and being comforted I live. 17Behold, being in peace was bitter for me. For you took up my soul, that it should not perish; and you threw away [3behind 4me 1all 2my sins]. 18[6not 1For 2the ones 3in 4Hades 5shall] praise you; nor the ones dying shall bless you; nor shall [4hope 1the ones 2in 3Hades] on your charity. 19The living shall bless you in which manner as I; for from today [2children 1I shall produce] who shall announce your righteousness, 20O  lord of my deliverance; even I will not cease blessing you with the psaltery all the days of my life, before the house of God. 21And Isaiah said to Hezekiah, Take a dried cluster of figs, and grind them, and plaster with it, and [2in health 1you will be]. 22And Hezekiah said, What is the sign that I shall ascend into the house of God.
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