Isaiah 4


Renewal of Zion

1And [3shall take hold of 1seven 2women 5man 4one] in that day, saying, [2our own bread 1We will eat] and [2our own garments 1wear], only [2your name 1let] be called upon us; remove our scorn! 2In that day [2shall shine forth 1God] in counsel with glory upon the earth to exalt and to glorify the one left behind of Israel. 3And it shall be the one left behind in Zion, and the one left behind in Jerusalem [2holy 1shall be called]; all the ones being written for life in Jerusalem. 4For [2shall thoroughly wash 1the  lord] the filth of the sons and the daughters of Zion; and [2the 3blood 4of Jerusalem 1he shall clear out] from its midst by a spirit of judgment, and a spirit of burning. 5And he shall come, and it will be that every place of mount Zion, and all the places surrounding it he shall shadow with a cloud by day, and as smoke and the light of fire burning by night; all the glory shall be sheltered. 6And it will be for a shade from sweltering heat, and for protection, and for a concealment from the hardness of weather and rain.
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