Isaiah 42


The Servant of The LORD

1Jacob, my child, I shall take hold of him. Israel, my chosen, [2favorably received 3him 1my soul]. I have put my spirit upon him, [2judgment 3to the 4nations 1he shall bring forth]. 2He shall not cry out, nor shall he send up his voice, nor shall [2be heard 3outside 1his voice]. 3A reed being crushed he will not break, and [2flax 1smoking] he will not extinguish; but to validity he will bring forth judgment. 4He shall illuminate, and shall not be devastated until whenever he should set [2upon 3the 4earth 1judgment]. And upon his name nations shall hope. 5Thus says the  lord God, the one making the heaven, and pitching it; solidifying the earth, and the things in it; and giving breath to the people upon it, and spirit to the ones treading it. 6I the  lord God called you in righteousness, and I shall hold your hand, and I will strengthen you; and I gave you for a covenant of a race, for a light of nations; 7to open the eyes of the blind, to lead out of bonds ones being tied; from out of the house of prison also ones sitting in darkness. 8I am the  lord God; this is my name; [3my glory 4to another 1I will not 2give], nor my virtues to the carvings. 9The things from the beginning, behold, they have come, and the new things which I shall announce, even before the announcing, it was made manifest to you.

A Song of Praise

10Sing to the  lord [2hymn 1a new]! Glorify his name from the uttermost part of the earth! O ones going down into the sea, and sailing it; the islands, and the ones dwelling in them. 11Be glad, O wilderness and her towns, properties, and the ones dwelling in Kedar! [4shall be glad 1The ones 2dwelling in 3the rock]. From the tip of the mountains they shall yell. 12They shall give [2to God 1glory]; [2his virtues 3in 4the 5islands 1they shall report]. 13The  lord God of the forces shall go forth, and shall break war. He shall rouse zeal, and shall yell against his enemies with strength. 14I kept silent from the eon; shall I also continually keep silent and endure? As the woman giving birth perseveres, I will now amaze and dry out at the same time. 15I will make [4desolate 1mountains 2and 3hills], and [2all 3their grass 1will dry out]. And I will make rivers into islands, and marshes to dry land. 16And I will lead the blind in the way which they knew not, and [4roads 5which 6they had not 7seen 3to tread 1I will cause 2them]. I will make for them darkness into light, and crooked into straight. These are the things I will do to them, and I shall not abandon them. 17But they were turned into the rear. You should be ashamed with shame, O ones relying upon the carvings, O ones saying to the molten images, You are our gods.

The Blindness of Israel

18O deaf-mutes, hear! and O blind, look up to behold! 19And who is blind, but my servants? And who are deaf-mutes, but the ones dominating them? Who is blind as the one receiving? even [4were blinded 1the 2servants 3of God]. 20You beheld many times, and watched not; opening the ears, and heard not. 21The  lord God willed that he should be justified, and should magnify praise. 22And I beheld, and it came to pass the people were being despoiled and plundered; for the snare is in the storerooms everywhere, and in the houses together where they hid them; they became for plunder, and there was not the one rescuing one seized; and there was not the one saying, Give back! 23Who among you shall give ear to these things which shall be heard for the things coming about? 24Who gave [2for 3ravaging 1Jacob], and Israel to the ones plundering? Was it not God to whom they sinned? And they did not want [2in 3his ways 1to go], nor to hear his law. 25And he brought upon them the anger of his rage; and [2strengthened 3against them 1the war] and the ones burning them round about; and [3did not 4know 1each 2of them], nor put it unto their soul.
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