Isaiah 43


People Repopulated

And now, thus says the  lord God, the one making you, O Jacob, and the one shaping you, O Israel, Do not fear! for I ransomed you, I called you by your name, [3mine 2are 1you]. And if you should pass over through water, [2with 3you 1I am]; and rivers shall not engulf you. And if you go through fire, in no way should you be incinerated; a flame shall not incinerate you. For I am the  lord your God, the holy one of Israel, the one delivering you. I made a barter for you -- Egypt, and Ethiopia, and Seba for you. From which time [2valuable 1you were esteemed] before me, you were glorified, and I loved you. And I will give men for you, and rulers for your head. Do not fear, for [2with 3you 1I am]! From the east I will lead your seed, and from the west I will bring you together. I will say to the north, Bring! and to the south, Do not restrain! Bring my sons from a land at a distance, and my daughters from uttermost parts of the earth, even all, as many as have been called upon to my name. For in my glory I carefully prepared him, and I shaped him, and I made him. And I brought out [2people 1a blind], and the eyes are likewise blind; and deaf ones [2the 3ears 1having]. All the nations were brought together, and [4shall be brought together 1rulers 2from 3them]. Who will announce these things? Or the things from the beginning, who will announce? Let them bring forth their witnesses, and let them be justified, and let them hear, and let them speak truth! 10 Be witnesses to me! and I witness, says the  lord God, and my servant whom I chose. That you should know, and should trust, and should perceive that I am. Before me [3did not 4exist 1another 2God], and after me it will not be. 11 I am God, and [3there is no 1besides 2me] one delivering. 12 I announced it, and I delivered. I berated, and there was not among you an alien god. You are to me witnesses, and I am the  lord God, 13 even from the beginning; and there is not one [2from 3my hands 1taking]. I will do, and who shall turn it? 14 Thus says the  lord God, the one ransoming you, the holy one of Israel. Because of you I will send unto Babylon, and I will rouse [2the ones fleeing 1all], and the Chaldeans [2in 3boats 1shall be tied]. 15 I am the  lord God, your holy one, the one introducing for Israel your king. 16 For thus says the  lord, the one making [2in 3the sea 1a way], and [2in 4water 3strong 1a path]; 17 the one leading chariots and horse, and [2multitude 1a mighty]; but they were gone to sleep, and they shall not rise up; they were extinguished as a flax being extinguished. 18 Do not remember the first things, and the ancient things do not reckon together! 19 Behold, I do new things which now shall arise, and you all shall know them. And I will make [2in 3the 4wilderness 1a way], and [2in 3the 4waterless place 1rivers]. 20 [5shall bless 6me 1The 2wild beasts 3of the 4field], sirens and daughters of ostriches; for I established [2in 3the 4wilderness 1water], and rivers in the waterless place, to give to drink to [3race 1my 2chosen], 21 my people whom I procured; the ones [2my virtues 1to describe].

I Am He

22 Not now I called you, O Jacob, nor [2to tire 3you 1acted], O Israel. 23 You did not bring to me of your sheep, of the one of your whole offering; nor in your sacrifices you glorified me. You were not enslaved in sacrifices, nor [3weary 1did 2you] with frankincense. 24 Nor you acquired for me a sacrifice of silver, nor the fat of your sacrifices I desired. But in your sins you stood in front of me, and in your iniquities. 25 I am, I am he, the one wiping away your lawless deeds because of me, and your sins in no way shall I remember. 26 But you, remember! And let us plead together! You tell of your lawless deeds first! that you should be justified. 27  Your fathers first sinned, and your rulers acted lawlessly against me. 28 And [3defiled 1the 2rulers] my holy things; and I gave Jacob up to be destroyed, and Israel for scorning.
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