Isaiah 44


The LORD Is One God

1But now hear! O Jacob my child, and O Israel, whom I chose. 2Thus says the  lord God, the one creating you, and shaping you from the belly. You shall still be helped. Do not fear! [2my servant 1O Jacob], and the one being loved, Israel whom I chose. 3For I will give water for thirst to the ones going in a waterless place. I will place my spirit upon your seed, and my blessings upon your children. 4And they shall rise up as [2in the midst 3of water 1grass], and as willows upon [2flowing by 1water]. 5This one shall say I am of God. And this one shall call himself by the name of Jacob. And another shall inscribe with his hand, I am of God. And [2by 3the 4name 5Israel 1he shall call himself]. 6Thus says God, the king of Israel, and the one rescuing him -- the God of Hosts. I am first, and I am after these things; besides me there is no God. 7Who is as I? Let him stand, and call, and announce, and prepare for me from which time I made man into the eon! And the things coming before their coming to pass let them announce to you! 8Do not cover up yourselves, nor wander! Have you not from the beginning given ear, and I reported it to you? [3witnesses 1You 2are] if there is a God besides me.

Vain Idols Profit Nothing

9And they were not hearkening then, the ones shaping and carving all the vain idols, doing their wishes which do not benefit them. But [2their own witnesses 1they are]. They shall not see, and they shall not know, that they should be ashamed -- he who shapes mighty and a carved molten casting for unprofitable things. Behold, all the ones partaking with him shall be ashamed -- 10the ones shaping a god, and all the ones carving unprofitable things. 11And all from where they came from were dried up. Yes, [3the deaf-mutes 4of 5men 1let 6be brought together 2all], and let them stand together, and let them feel remorse, and let them be ashamed together! 12For [2sharpens 1the fabricator] the iron tool. With a hammer he works it in coals, and with a drill he sets it. And he works it with the arm of his strength. And he shall hunger and be weak, and in no way shall he drink water. 13[2having chosen 1The fabricator] a piece of wood sets it with a measure, and forms it with a scraper. He made it with a carpenter's square, and with glue he composes it. And he made it as the appearance of a man, and as the beauty of man he sets it in a niche; 14in which he fells [2for himself 1cedars], and he takes the holm oak and the oak; and he strengthened for himself the tree from the grove which the  lord planted -- a pine; and the rain lengthened it, 15that it might be for men to burn. And taking of it he warms himself, and in burning they bake bread loaves upon it; and with the remaining he works out gods, and does obeisance to them. He made it a carved idol, and he bends to them; 16of which the half of it he incinerates in fire, and upon the half of it [2meat 1he ate] -- roasting he roasted a roast, and he was filled up. And heating himself he said, It is agreeable to me, for I was heated, and I beheld a fire. 17And the rest he makes into [2god 1a carved]; he bends to it and does obeisance, and prays to it, saying, Deliver me, for [2my god 1your are]! 18They do not know to think, for they were blurred to see with their eyes, and to comprehend with their heart. 19And he considered not in his soul, nor knew in intellect that the half of it he incinerated by fire, and baked [2upon 3its coals 1bread loaves], and [2roasting 3meat 1ate]; and the rest of it [2into 3an abomination 1he made]. And they do obeisance to it. 20Know that [2is ashes 1their heart]! and they err, and no one is able to rescue his soul. Behold! you shall not say that, Is there a lie in my right hand? 21Remember these things, O Jacob and Israel! for [3my servant 2are 1you]; I shaped you to be my servant. And you, O Israel, do not forget me! 22Behold, I wiped away [2as 3a cloud 1your lawless deeds], and [2as 3dimness 1your sin]. Turn to me! and I shall ransom you. 23Be glad, O heavens! for [4showed mercy 1the 2God 3of Israel]. Trump, O foundations of the earth! Yell out, O mountains in gladness, O hills, and all the trees in them! for [2ransomed 1the  lord] Jacob, and Israel shall be glorified. 24Thus says the  lord, the one ransoming you, and the one shaping you from the belly, I am the  lord, the one completing all things. I stretched out the heaven alone, and solidified the earth. 25Who other shall efface the signs of the ones who deliver oracles, and divinations from the heart; to turn the intelligent ones unto the rear, and their counsel being moronish; 26and establishing the discourse of his servant, and [2the 3counsel 4of his messengers 1verifying]; the one saying to Jerusalem, You shall be inhabited; and to the cities of Judea, You shall be built, and her desolate places I shall raise up. 27The one saying to the deep, You shall be made desolate, and [2your rivers 1I will dry up]. 28The one telling Cyrus, Think, and all my wants he will do; the one saying to Jerusalem, You shall be built, and [3house 2of my holy 1I shall lay the foundation].
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