Isaiah 45


Cyrus The LORD's Anointed

1Thus says the  lord God to my anointed Cyrus, whose [2I held 1right hand], [2to heed 3before 4him 1for nations]; and the strength of kings I will tear up; I will open [2before 3him 1doors], and gates shall not be closed up. 2I [2before 3you 1will go], and [2mountains 1I shall level]. [2the doors 3of brass 1I shall break], and bars of iron I break in pieces. 3And I shall give to you treasures -- obscure, concealed, unseen. I will open to you that you should know that I am the  lord your God, the one calling your name, the God of Israel. 4Because of my servant Jacob, and Israel my chosen, I shall call you by your name, and favorably receive you; though you did not know me. 5For I am the  lord God, and there is not yet besides me -- there is not a god. I strengthened you, and you did not know me; 6that [9should know 1the ones 2from 3the east 4sun 5and 6the ones 7from 8the west] that there is not one besides me. I am the  lord God, and there is not any more. 7I am the one carefully preparing light, and I made darkness; the one making peace, and the one creating bad things. I am the  lord God, the one doing all these things. 8Let [4be glad 1the 2heaven 3above], and [2the 3clouds 1let] sprinkle righteousness! Let [3arise 1the 2earth], and burst forth mercy! And let righteousness burst forth together! I am the  lord, the one creating you. 9What made better mortar of a potter? Will the one plowing plow the earth the entire day? Will [3say 1the 2mortar] to the potter, What do you do that you do not work, nor have hands? 10Woe the one saying to the father, Why shall you engender me? and to the mother, Why shall you travail? 11For thus says the  lord God, the holy one of Israel, the one making the coming things, Ask me concerning my sons. And concerning the works of my hands, shall you give charge to me! 12I made the earth, and man upon it. I [4by 5my hand 1solidified 2the 3heaven]. I [2to all 3the 4stars 1gave charge]. 13I raised him with righteousness as king, and all his ways are straight. He shall build my city, and the captivity of my people he shall return. Not by ransoms, nor by gifts, said the  lord of Hosts. 14Thus says the  lord of Hosts, Egypt tired for you, and the trade of the Ethiopians and the Sabeans, [2men 1haughty 4over 5you 3shall pass], and they will be your servants; and [2after 3you 1they shall follow] being tied in manacles, and they shall pass over to you, and shall do obeisance to you, and [2to 3you 1they shall pray], for [3among 4you 1God 2is], and there is no God besides you. 15For you are God, and we did not know -- God of Israel, the deliverer. 16[5shall be ashamed 6and 7shall feel remorse 1all 2the ones 3being an adversary 4to him]; and they shall go in shame. Be dedicated to me, O islands. 17Israel is delivered by the  lord [2deliverance 1with an eternal]; they shall not be ashamed, nor should they feel remorse unto the eon still. 18For thus says the  lord, the one making the heaven, this God, the one introducing the earth and making it; he separated it, [2not 5empty 1he did 3make 4it], but [3to dwell in 1he shaped 2it]; I am the  lord, and there is none beside. 19[2not 4in 5secret 1I have 3spoken], nor in a place of the earth that is dark. I did not tell to the seed of Jacob, [2a vain thing 1Seek]! I am the  lord, the one speaking righteousness, and announcing truth.

False Gods

20Gather together and come! Consult together! O ones being delivered from the nations. They are not knowing, the ones lifting [2wood 3carving 1their], and praying to a god which does not deliver. 21The ones that shall announce, let them approach that they should know together, who audibly did these things. From the beginning from then it was announced to you. Am I not the  lord God? There is no other besides me -- just and a deliverer. There is none besides me. 22Turn unto me! and you shall be delivered, O ones from the end of the earth. I am God, and there is no other. 23According to myself I swear by an oath, that [2shall come forth 3from out of 4my mouth 1righteousness]; my words shall not be perverted. For [3shall bend to me 1every 2knee], and [3shall swear by an oath 1every 2tongue] by God, 24saying, Righteousness and glory [2to 3him 1shall come]; and [6shall be ashamed 1all 2the ones 3of them being separated 4from 5the  lord]. 25They shall be justified, and in God they shall be glorified -- all the seed of the sons of Israel.
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