Isaiah 48


Israel Is Hardened

1Hear these things, O house of Jacob! the ones being called by the name Israel, and [2from 3waters 4of Judah 1coming forth], the ones swearing by an oath to the name of the  lord God of Israel, ones remembering not with truth, nor with righteousness, 2and ones holding to the name of the [2city 1holy], and [2upon 3the 4God 5of Israel 1taking support]; the  lord of Hosts is his name. 3The former things again I announced, and from out of my mouth it came forth, and audibly it happened. Suddenly I did, and it came about. 4I know that you are hardened, and [2is a nerve 3of iron 1your neck], and your forehead is as brass. 5And I announced to you earlier what would happen before it came upon you. Audibly to you I did it, lest at some time or other you should say that, My idols did. And you should say that, The carvings and the molten images gave charge to me! 6You heard all, and you knew not. But even audibly [2to you 1I committed] the new things from the present which are about to take place, and you spoke not. 7Now it takes place, and not earlier; and not in former days, and [3not 1you heard 2them]. Lest you should say, Yes, I know them. 8Neither you knew, nor were knowing of, nor from the beginning when your ears; for I knew that in disregarding you shall disregard, and [2lawless 3even 4from out of 5the belly 1you would be called]. 9Because of my name I will show to you my rage, and [2my noble deeds 1I will bring] upon you, that I should not utterly destroy you.

The LORD Loves Israel

10Behold, I have bartered you, not for silver; and I rescued you from out of the furnace of poorness. 11Because of myself I will do, for my name is being profaned; and my glory [3to another 1I will not 2give]. 12Hear me, O Jacob, and Israel whom I call! I am first, and I am into the eon. 13And my hand laid the foundation for the earth, and my right hand solidified the heaven. I will call them, and they shall stand together. 14And all shall be brought together, and they shall hear. Who announced to them these things? In loving you, I did your will against Babylon, to lift away the seed of the Chaldeans. 15I spoke, and I called. I brought him, and I prospered his way. 16Lead forward to me, and hear these things! [2not 4from 5the beginning 6in 7secret 1I have 3spoken]. When it took place, [2there 1I was]. And now the Lord, the  lord, he sent me and his spirit. 17Thus says the  lord, the one rescuing you, the holy one of Israel, I am the  lord your God. I have shown to you how to find the way in which you shall go by it. 18And if you hearkened to my commandments, [2would have been 3as 4a river 1your peace], and your righteousness as a wave of the sea; 19and [2would have become 3even 4as 5sand 1your seed], and the progeny of your belly as dust of the earth; nor now in any way shall you be utterly destroyed, nor shall [2be destroyed 1your name] before me. 20Come forth from out of Babylon, O one fleeing from the Chaldeans! With a voice of gladness announce it, and audibly let this be made known! Report unto the end of the earth! Say! The  lord rescued his servant Jacob. 21And if they should thirst, [3through 4the wilderness 1he will lead 2them]; [2water 3from 4the rock 1he shall bring forth] to them; [2shall be split 1the rock] and shall flow water, and [2shall drink 1my people]. 22There is no rejoicing, says the  lord, to the impious.
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