Isaiah 51


The LORD Promises Deliverance and Justice

1Hearken to me! O ones pursuing the just thing, and seeking the  lord. Look unto the solid rock! which you quarried, and into the pit of the well which you dug. 2Look unto Abraham your father! and unto Sarah the one travailing you. For he was one person, and I called him, and blessed him, and loved him, and multiplied him. 3And [3you 1now 2I will comfort], O Zion. And I comforted all her desolate places; and I will make her desolate places as a park; and her western places as a park of the  lord. [2gladness 3and 4a leap for joy 1They shall find] in her -- acknowledgment and a voice of praise. 4Hear me! Hear me O my people! and O kings [2to 3me 1give ear]! For a law [2from 3me 1shall go forth], and my judgment for a light of nations. 5[2approaches 3quickly 1My righteousness], and [2shall go forth 3as 4light 1my deliverance], and on my arm they shall hope. [3for me 1Islands 2shall wait], and on my arm they shall hope. 6Lift up [2unto 3the 4heaven 1your eyes], and look unto the earth below! For the heaven is as smoke having been solidified. And the earth as a cloak shall be old, and the ones inhabiting [2as 3these 1shall die]. But the deliverance of mine [2into 3the 4eon 1shall be], and the righteousness of mine in no way shall fail. 7Hear me, O ones knowing equity! a people of whom my law is in their heart. Do not fear the scorning of men, and [2their disparagement 3not 1let] vanquish you! 8For as a garment will be eaten upon time, and as wool shall be eaten by a moth; but the righteousness of mine [2into 3the 4eon 1will be]; and the deliverance of mine for generations of generations. 9Awaken! Awaken! O Jerusalem, and put on the strength of your arm! Awaken as in the beginning of days, as a generation of an eon! [2not 3you 1Are] her being quarried in width, being torn up by the dragon? 10[3not 2you 1Are] her making desolate the sea, [3water 2of the deep 1the abundance], the one putting the depths of the sea for a way of a ford to the ones being rescued, 11and the ones being ransomed? For by the  lord they shall be returned, and shall come unto Zion with gladness, and [2leap for joy 1an everlasting]. [2upon 4head 1For 3their] praise and gladness shall overtake them. [6ran away 1Grief 2and 3distress 4and 5moaning].

The LORD Promises Comfort

12I am, I am he, the one comforting you. Know who is being! that you should be fearful from [2man 1mortal], and from a son of man -- the ones who as grass were dried up. 13And you forgot God, the one making you, the one making the heaven, and laying the foundation for the earth. And fear continually all the days in front of the rage of the one afflicting you! in which manner he planned to carry you away. And now where is the rage of the one afflicting you? 14For in your being delivered, he shall not stop nor pass time. And he shall not kill for hurt, and in no way shall he lack his bread. 15For I am your God, the one disturbing the sea, and resounding its waves. The  lord of Hosts is my name. 16I will put my words into your mouth. And under the shadow of my hand I will shelter you, in which I established the heaven, and founded the earth. And he shall say to Zion, [2my people 1You are]. 17Awaken! Awaken! Rise up, O Jerusalem! the one drinking from the hand of the  lord the cup of his rage. [2the 3cup 1For] of the blow, the drinking cup of rage you drank and emptied out. 18And there was no one comforting you from all your children whom you gave birth. And there was none taking hold of your hand, nor of all your sons whom you raised. 19Therefore these things are adverse to you. Who will grieve with you? A calamitous downfall, and defeat, hunger, and sword; who will comfort you? 20 Your sons, the ones being perplexed, the ones sleeping upon the top of all the streets, as [2beet 1a half-boiled]; the ones full of the rage of the  lord, fainting from the  lord God. 21On account of this, hear! O one being humbled, and O one being intoxicated not from wine. 22Thus says the  lord God, the one judging his people, Behold, I took from out of your hand the cup of the blow, the drinking cup of my rage; and you shall not proceed to drink it any longer. 23And I give it into the hand of the ones wronging you, and of the ones humbling you; the ones who said to your soul, Bow! that we should go by. And you put [3equal 4to the 5ground 1the things 2in your midst] outside to the ones coming near.
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