Isaiah 53


The Sinless Lamb

1O  lord, who trusted our report? And the arm of the  lord, to whom was it uncovered? 2We announced as of a male child before him, as a root in a land thirsting. There is no appearance to him, nor glory; and we beheld him, and he does not have appearance nor beauty. 3But his appearance was without honor, and wanting by sons of men. A man [2for 3calamity 1being], and knowing how to bear infirmity. For he turned his face; he was dishonored and was not considered. 4This one [2our sins 1bore], and on account of us he was grieved. And we considered him to be for misery, and for calamity by God, and for ill treatment. 5But he was wounded because of our sins, and he was made infirm on account of our lawless deeds. The discipline for our peace was upon him; by his stripe we were healed. 6[2all 4as 5sheep 1We were 3wandered]. A man [2in his way 1was wandered], and the  lord delivered him up for our sins. 7And he on account of being inflicted by evil opened not his mouth. [2as 3a sheep 4unto 5slaughter 1He was led], and as a lamb before the one shearing is voiceless, so he did not open his mouth. 8In the humiliation, in his equity, he was lifted away. [3his generation 1Who 2shall describe]? For [2was lifted away 3from 4the 5earth 1his life]. Because of the lawless deeds of my people he was led unto death. 9And I shall give the wicked for his burial, and the rich for his death. For [3lawlessness 1he did not 2commit], nor was treachery in his mouth. 10And the  lord willed to cleanse him of the beating. If you should offer for a sin offering the thing for your life, he shall see [2seed 1a long-lived]. 11And the  lord willed by his hand to remove misery of his soul, to show to him light, and to shape in the understanding; to justify the just one, the good one serving many, and [3their sins 1he 2shall bear]. 12On account of this he shall inherit many; and of the strong ones he will portion out spoils, because [2was delivered up 3unto 4death 1his soul]; and [2among 3the 4lawless ones 1he was considered]; and he himself [2the sins 3of many 1bore], and because of their lawless deeds he was delivered up.
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