Isaiah 54


The Inheritance of The LORD

1Be glad! O sterile, the one not giving birth. Break forth and yell! O one not travailing. For many are the children of the barren, rather than the one having the husband. For thus spoke the  lord. 2Widen the place of your tent, and [2the 3hide coverings 4of your curtains 1pitch]! You should spare not. Distance out your measured lands, and [2tent pegs 1strengthen your]! 3[2yet 3unto 4the 5right 6and 7the 8left 1Spread forth]! For your seed [2nations 1shall inherit], and [2cities 3having been made desolate 1you shall dwell in]. 4You should not fear that you were disgraced, nor should you feel ashamed that you were berated. For [3shame 2everlasting 1you shall forget]; and the scorn of your widowhood in no way shall you remember any longer. 5For the  lord, the one making you, the  lord of Hosts is his name; and the one rescuing you, he is the God of Israel. [2God 3of all 4the 5earth 1He shall be called]. 6Not as [4woman 1a forsaken 2and 3faint-hearted] has [3called 4you 1the 2  lord]; nor as a woman [2from 3youth 1being detested], said your God. 7[2time 1A little] I left you behind; and with [2mercy 1great] I will show mercy on you. 8In [2rage 1a little] I turned my face from you; and in [2mercy 1eternal] I will show mercy on you, said the one rescuing you, the  lord. 9From the water upon Noah, this is my plan, in so far as I swore by an oath to him in that time to the earth, to not be enraged against you any longer; nor by your intimidation. 10[2the 3mountains 1Shall] change over, nor your hills be moved about; so not even [2shown by 3me 4to you 1mercy] shall fail, nor the covenant for your peace in any way shall change; [3spoke 1for 4kindness 5to you 2the  lord]. 11Humble and confused, you were not comforted. Behold, I prepare for you carbuncle for your stone, and for your foundations sapphire. 12And I will make the parapets jasper, and your gates stones of crystal, and your enclosure [2stones 1of choice]; 13and all your sons instructed of God, and much peace to your children. 14And [2in 3righteousness 1you shall be built] at a distance from the unjust. And you shall not be fearful, and trembling shall not approach to you. 15Behold, converts shall come forward to you because of me, and they shall sojourn with you, and unto you they shall take refuge. 16Behold, I created you, not as a brazier blowing in a fire of coals, and bringing forth a utensil for work; but I created you, not for destruction to corrupt. 17Every weapon concocted against you shall not be prosperous; and every voice that shall rise up against you for judgment, all of them you shall vanquish. And the ones liable of you shall be in her; it is the inheritance to the ones attending the  lord, and you shall be righteous to me, says the  lord.
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