Isaiah 56


Deliverance to the Nations

1Thus says the  lord, Guard equity, and do righteousness! [3is near 1for 2my deliverance] to come, and my mercy to be uncovered. 2Blessed is the man doing these things, and the man holding to them, and guarding Sabbaths, so as to not profane them, and observing his hands so as to not do unjustly. 3[2not 1Let 5say 3the 4foreigner]! the one joining to the  lord, saying, By separation [3will separate 4me 2surely 1The  lord] from his people. And [2not 1let 5say 3the 4eunuch] that, I am [2tree 1a dry]! 4For thus says the  lord to the eunuchs, As many as should keep my Sabbaths, and should choose what I want, and should hold to my covenant, 5I will give to them in my house, and in my wall [2place 1a famous], better than sons and daughters. [4name 3an eternal 1I will give 2to them], and it shall not cease. 6And I will give it to the foreigners joining to the  lord, to serve him, and to love the name of the  lord, to be to him for manservants and maidservants, and all the ones keeping my Sabbaths, to not profane, and the ones holding to my covenant. 7I will bring them unto [2mountain 1my holy], and I will gladden them in [2house 3of prayer 1my]. Their whole-burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted upon my altar. For my house [2a house 3of prayer 1shall be called] for all the nations, 8said the  lord, the one gathering the ones having been dispersed of Israel. For I will gather unto him a congregation. 9All [2beasts 1wild], come! Let [6eat 1all 2the 3wild beasts 4of the 5forest]! 10See how they all have been blinded! they knew not. All [2dogs 1are dumb], they shall not be able to bark; ones dreaming of a bed, being fond of slumber. 11Yes, the [2dogs 1impudent 6in the 7soul 3not 4knowing 5fullness]; and they are wicked, not knowing understanding; all [2their own ways 1followed after]; each according to his own advantage from his uttermost, saying, 12Come we should take wine and be drunk with wine to intoxication, and [2shall be 3such as this 4day 1tomorrow] -- great, rather exceedingly.
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