Isaiah 59


The Sin of a Nation

1Is not [4strong 1the 2hand 3of the  lord] to deliver? or [2weighed down 1his ear] to not listen? 2But your sins make a part between you and God; and on account of your sins he turned his face from you, to not show mercy. 3 For your hands are tainted with blood, and your fingers with sins; and your lips spoke lawlessness, and your tongue [2injustice 1meditated upon]. 4No one speaks just things, nor is there [2equity 1true]. They rely upon vanities, and they speak empty things; for they sire misery and give birth to lawlessness. 5[2eggs 3of asps 1They hatch], and [3a web 2of a spider 1weave]. And the one about [2their eggs 1to eat], breaking a rotten egg found also in it a cobra. 6 Their web shall not be made into a garment, nor shall they clothe themselves from their works, for their works are works of lawlessness. 7 And their feet [2unto 3wickedness 1run], quick to pour out blood, and their thoughts are thoughts of murder. Destruction and misery are in their ways. 8And the way of peace they do not know, and there is no equity in their ways. For their roads [3are perverted 1which 2they travel through], and they do not know peace. 9On account of this [2left 1equity] from them, and in no way shall [2overtake 3them 1righteousness]. In their waiting light, [2came 3to them 1darkness]; waiting for daylight, [2in 3midnight 1they walked]. 10They shall grope as blind men for a wall, and [2as 3ones not 4possessing 5eyes 1they shall grope]. They shall fall in midday as at midnight; [2as 3ones dying 1they shall moan]. 11As a bear and as a dove together they shall go. We awaited judgment, and there is no deliverance; [2far 1it is removed] from us. 12[4is great 1For 2our 3lawlessness] before you, and our sins withstood us. For our lawless deeds are in us, and our offences we knew. 13We were impious, and lied, and departed from our God. We spoke unjustly, and we resisted persuasion. We sired, and meditated [3from 4our heart 2words 1unjust]. 14And we left behind equity, and righteousness [2far off 1removed]. For [3was consumed 4in 5their ways 1the 2truth], and [3by 4a straight way 1they were not able 2to go]. 15And the truth was lifted away, and they changed their thought of the perceiving. And the  lord beheld, and it did not please him, for there was no equity.

The Defender

16And he beheld, and there was no man. And he contemplated, and there was no one assisting. And he defended them with his arm, and [2with his charity 1he supported them]. 17And he clothed himself with righteousness as a chest plate; and he put a helmet of deliverance upon his head. and he put around himself a cloak of vengeance -- even a wrap-around garment, 18as one recompensing a reward of scorn to the adversaries. 19And [4shall fear 1the ones 2from 3the west] the name of the  lord; and the ones from the east sun shall fear the [2name 1honorable]. [6shall come 1For 7as 9river 8a violent 2the 3anger 4of 5the  lord]; it shall come with rage. 20And [3shall come 4from 5Zion 1the one 2rescuing], and he shall turn impiety from Jacob. 21And this [2to them 3is by me 1covenant], said the  lord. The spirit -- mine, which is upon you, and my words which I put in your mouth, in no way shall fail from your mouth, nor from out of the mouth of your seed; said the  lord, from the present and unto the eon.
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