Isaiah 63


A Day of Recompense and Ransoming

1Who is this, the one coming from out of Edom, with [2dyed red 1garments] from out of Bozrah? This one beautiful in his apparel, [3force 1with 2a mighty]? I reason righteousness and the case of deliverance. 2Why are your [2red 1clothes], and your garments as from a trampled wine vat, 3full of that being trampled? And of the nations there is not a man with me. And I trampled them in my rage, and I broke them in pieces as ground, and led their blood unto the ground. And all my garments are defiled. 4For a day of recompense came upon them, and a year of ransoming is at hand. 5And I looked, and there was no helper. And I paid attention, and no one assisted. And [3rescued 4them 2arm 1my], and my rage attended to it. 6And I trampled them in my anger, and I led down their blood unto the ground. 7[2the 3mercy 4of the  lord 1I remembered]; the virtues of the  lord in all which he recompenses to us. The  lord -- [2judge 1a good] to the house of Israel; he brings upon us according to his mercy, and according to the magnitude of his righteousness. 8And he said, [4my people 1Children 2in no way 3will disrespect]. And he became to them for deliverance, 9from out of all their affliction. Not an ambassador, nor an angel, but he, the  lord delivered them, because of loving them. And he spared them -- he ransomed them, and he took them, and raised them all the days of the eon. 10But they resisted persuasion, and provoked [2spirit 1his holy]. And [2turned 3against them 1the  lord] for enmity; he waged war against them. 11And he remembered [2days 1everlasting]; the bringing up from the land the shepherd of the sheep. Where is the one putting [4in 5them 1the 3spirit 2holy]? 12the one leading [2by the 3right hand 1Moses], the one being the arm of his glory? He prevailed over water in front of him; he made for himself [2name 1an everlasting]. 13He led them through the deep as a horse through a wilderness, and they tired not. 14And as cattle led through a plain, [4descended 1spirit 2of 3the  lord], and guided them. Thus you led your people to make for yourself [2name 1a glorious]. 15Turn from heaven, and look from [2house 1your holy], and from your glory! Where is your zeal and your strength? Where is the abundance of your mercy and your compassions, that you withheld from us? 16For you are our father. For Abraham did not know us, and Israel did not recognize us. But you, O  lord our father, rescue us! From the beginning your name [2upon 3us 1is]. 17Why did you wander us, O  lord, from your way? You hardened our hearts to not fear you? Return on account of your servants! on account of the tribes of your inheritance. 18that [2a little 1we should inherit 4mountain 3of your holy]. Our adversaries trampled your sanctuary. 19We became as from the beginning when you did not rule us, nor was [2called 1your name] upon us.
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