Isaiah 64


Israel Acknowledges Its Sin

If you should open the heaven, [2trembling 3will take hold 4from 5you 1mountains], and they shall melt away; as beeswax from fire shall melt away. And [2shall incinerate 1fire] the adversaries, and [3for distinction 2will be 1your name] among the adversaries. From in front of you nations shall be disturbed. Whenever you should do the honorable things trembling shall take hold of mountains. From the eon we heard not, nor our eyes beheld a God besides you, and your works which you shall do to the ones waiting for mercy. For he shall meet with the ones doing justice, and your ways shall be remembered. Behold, you have been provoked to anger, and we sinned; on account of this we were wandered. And [3became 4as 5unclean 2all 1we]. [3is as 4a menstrual rag 5sitting apart 1All 2our righteousness]. And we flowed away as leaves on account of our lawless deeds; thus the wind shall bear us away. And there is no one calling upon your name, nor one remembering to take hold of you. For you turned your face from us, and you delivered us up because of our sins. And now, O  lord, [2our father 1you are]; and we are mortar, [3works 4of your hands 2are all 1we]. You should not be provoked to anger with us very much, and [2should not 4for 5a long time 3be remembered 1our sins]. And now, look upon us, O  lord, for [3your people 2all 1we are]! 10 The city of your holiness became desolate. Zion [2as 3desolate 1became]. Jerusalem for a curse. 11 The house our holy place, and the glory which [2blessed 1our fathers], became scorched, and all our honorable things are cast down. 12 And over all these things you endured, O  lord, and kept silent, and humbled us very much.
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