Isaiah 65


Judgment and Deliverance

1[2apparent 1I became] to the ones [3for me 1not 2seeking]. I was found by the ones [3for me 1not 2asking]. I said, Behold, I am -- to the nation, the ones who did not call of me by name. 2I spread forth my hands the entire day to a people resisting persuasion and speaking contrary; the ones not having gone [2way 1the good], but after their sins. 3 This people, the one provoking me, [2before 3me 1is always]. They sacrifice in the gardens, and they burn incense upon the bricks to the demons which are not. 4And in the tombs in the caves they sleep for the sake of dreams; the ones eating meat of a pig, and the broth of sacrifices. [3are tainted 1All 2their vessels]. 5The ones saying, Be at a distance from me, you should not approach me, for I am clean. This is the smoke of my rage; a fire burns with it all the days. 6Behold, it is written in my presence, I shall not keep silent until whenever I recompense. And I will recompense unto their bosom 7 their sins, and the ones of their fathers, says the  lord, the ones that burnt incense upon the mountains, and [3upon 4the 5hills 1berated 2me]. I will recompense their works into their bosom. 8Thus says the  lord, In which manner [3shall be found 1the 2grape-stone] in the cluster of grapes, and they shall say, You should not lay it waste, for there is a blessing in it; so I will do because of the ones serving me -- [2this one 1because of] in no way shall I destroy all. 9And I shall lead out the one of [2of Jacob 1the seed], and the one of Judah. And he shall inherit [3mountain 2holy 1my], and [4shall inherit it 1my chosen 2and 3my servants], and they shall dwell there. 10And there shall be in the grove folds of flocks; and the ravine of Achor shall be for a resting place of herds for my people, the ones who sought me. 11But you are the ones having abandoned me, and having forgotten [2mountain 1my holy], and are preparing [2to the 3demon 1a table], and filling [2to good luck 1a mixture]. 12I will deliver you unto the sword. [2all 4by 5slaughter 1You shall 3fall], for I called you and you hearkened not; I spoke, and you disregarded, and you did the wicked thing before me, and what I did not want you chose. 13On account of this, Thus says the  lord, Behold, the ones serving to me shall eat, but you shall hunger. Behold, my servants shall drink, but you shall thirst. Behold, the ones serving me shall be glad, but you shall be ashamed. 14Behold, the ones serving me shall exult in gladness, but you shall cry out because of the misery of your heart; and from the destruction of your spirit you shall shriek. 15For you shall leave behind your name for a glut to my chosen, [4you 1and 3shall do away with 2the  lord]. But to the ones that serve to me, they shall be called [2name 1by a new], 16which shall be blessed upon the earth. For they shall bless the [2God 1true]. And the ones swearing by an oath upon the earth shall swear by an oath on the [2God 1true]. For they shall forget [3affliction 1their 2first], and it shall not ascend unto their heart.

A New Heaven and Earth

17For there will be the [2heaven 1new], and the [2earth 1new]. And in no way shall they remember the former things, nor in any way shall it come upon their heart. 18But [4gladness 5and 6a leap for joy 1they shall find 2in 3her]. For behold, I make Jerusalem a leap for joy, and over my people for gladness. 19And I shall exult over Jerusalem, and shall be glad over my people. And no longer shall there be heard in her a voice of weeping, nor a voice of crying; 20nor in any way shall there be yet an untimely miscarriage, nor an old man who shall not fill up his time. [4will be 1For 2the 3young man] a hundred years old, and the [4dying 1sinner 5at a hundred 6years old 3accursed 2will be]. 21And they shall build residences, and they shall dwell in them. And they shall plant vineyards, and they shall eat their produce, and [2the 3wine 1shall drink]. 22In no way shall they build and another dwell therein. And in no way shall they plant and another eat of it. For according to the days of the [2of a tree 1life] will be the days of my people, for the works of their hands shall grow old. 23 And my chosen shall not tire in empty things, nor shall they produce children for a curse; for [2a seed 3being blessed 4by 5God 1it is], and their progeny with them. 24And it will be before their crying out, I will hearken unto them; yet during their speaking I will say, What is it? 25Then wolves and lambs shall graze together; and the lion [3as 4an ox 1shall eat 2straw]; and the serpent shall eat of the earth as bread; they shall not do wrong nor lay waste upon [2mountain 1my holy], says the  lord.
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