Isaiah 66


Judgment and Hope

1Thus says the  lord, The heaven is my throne, and the earth a footstool for my feet. What kind of house shall you build to me? and what kind of place for my rest? 2For all these things I made by my hand, and [3are 4mine 1all 2these], says the  lord. And upon whom shall I look upon, but only upon the humble and unassuming, and the one trembling at my words? 3But the lawless one, the one sacrificing a calf to me is as the one striking a man; and the one sacrificing of the flock is as the one killing a dog; and the one offering fine flour is as the one offering the blood of a pig; the one offering frankincense for a memorial is as blasphemous. And they chose their ways, and their abominations which their soul wanted. 4And I will choose their mockeries, and [2their sins 1I will recompense] against them. For I called them, and they did not hearken to me; I spoke and they heard not; and they acted wickedly before me, and [2that which 3I did not 4want 1chose]. 5Hear the word of the  lord! O ones trembling at his word. Let [2speak 1your brethren] to the ones detesting you, and abhorring you, that the name of the  lord should be glorified, and should be seen in their gladness, but those shall be ashamed. 6A voice of a cry from out of the city; a voice from out of the temple; the voice of the  lord recompensing a recompense to the adversaries. 7Before her travailing to give birth, before the coming of the misery of the pangs, she fled and gave birth to a male. 8Who heard such? and who has seen thus? Has [2travailed 1the earth] in one day? or even [2given birth 1a nation] at once, that [2travailed 3and 4gave birth to 1Zion] her children? 9But I gave this expectation, and you did not remember me, said the  lord. And behold, I [2the one bearing 3and 4the one sterile 1made], said your God. 10Be glad, O Jerusalem, and let [5assemble for a festival 6in 7her 1all 2the ones 3loving 4her]! And the ones dwelling her rejoice in joy, all as many as mourn for her! 11that you should nurse and be filled up from the breast of her comfort; that sucking out you should indulge at the introduction of her glory. 12For thus says the  lord, Behold, I turn aside to them as a river of peace, and as a rushing stream inundating the glory of the nations. Their children [2upon 3shoulders 1shall be carried], and [2upon 3knees 1shall be comforted]. 13As if any mother shall comfort, so also I shall comfort you; and in Jerusalem you shall be comforted. 14And you shall see, and [2shall rejoice 1your heart], and your bones [2as 3pasturage 1shall rise up]; and [4shall be known 1the 2hand 3of the  lord] to the ones fearing him, and he shall threaten the ones resisting persuasion. 15For behold the  lord [2as 3a fire 1shall come], even as a blast by his chariots, to recompense [2in 3rage 1punishment], and being contemptuously rejected in a flame of fire. 16For by the fire of the  lord [4shall be judged 1all 2the 3earth], and by his broadsword all flesh. Many shall be slain by the  lord. 17The ones purifying themselves and cleansing themselves in the gardens, and [10in 11the 12thresholds 1the ones eating 2the meat 3of a pig 4and 5the 6abominations 7and 8the 9mouse], together shall be consumed, said the  lord. 18And I [2their works 3and 4their device 1know]. And I come to bring together all the nations, and the tongues. And they shall come and shall see my glory. 19And I will leave upon them a sign. And I will send out from them ones having been delivered unto the nations -- unto Tarshish, and Pul, and Lud, and Meshach, and Tubal, and unto Greece, and unto the islands -- the ones at a distance, the ones who have not heard of my name, nor have seen my glory. And they shall announce my glory among the nations. 20And they shall lead your brethren from out of all the nations, as a gift to the  lord, with horses, and chariots, in royal chariots drawn by mules with awnings, into the holy city Jerusalem. And the  lord said, As [4may offer 1the 2sons 3of Israel] their sacrifices to me with psalms in the house of the  lord, 21that from them I will take priests and Levites, said the  lord. 22[2in which 3manner 1For] the [2heaven 1new] and the [2earth 1new] which I make wait before me, says the  lord, so I shall establish your seed, and your name. 23And it will be month by month, and Sabbath by Sabbath, [3shall come 1all 2flesh] to do obeisance before me in Jerusalem, said the  lord. 24And they shall go forth, and shall see the carcasses of men, the ones violating against me. For their worm shall not come to an end, and their fire shall not be extinguished. And they will be for a sight to all flesh.
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